Monday December 11, 2017

Government forces, allied militias burned down houses in Unity State

SPLA soldiers in the fall of bentiu in January (photo: AFP)

BENTIU – Just around 3:00 pm East Africa local time on Tuesday, South Sudan militias fighting alongside the regime in Juba attacked villages in western part of unity state in Wichchiok,Tuarkiel and Dhorboor. The militants under the command of Major Genreal Mathew Pul Jang and other ally forces from Justice and Equality movement or JEM from Darfur and Sudan people liberation-North faction know as SPLA-North burned down the villages killed 25 civilians and destroyed hundreds of properties.
According to SPLM-I-O, The main purpose for the militias and the government for attacking the area is to expand its territory in order to regain more ground from the rebel side before the rainy season.
The move came after two days when the government troops launched an attack on rebel positions around unity state.
South Sudan’s two main warring parties SPLA-Juba and SPLA-IO traded accusations over fighting yesterday and the day before in various areas of the oil-producing Unity State.
SPLA-IO accused the government forces of attacking their positions in the state in Nhialdiu and Guit counties as well as areas in Mayom County and along the road leading to Pariang County.
Rebels claimed that they inflicted heavy losses on the government forces. Claiming that SPLA-IO fighters managed to destroy two tanks and seize another in good condition.
The rebels also alleged that SPLA commander Kurubino Ruai Tap was wounded and has been flown to Juba for treatment.
A rebel official spokesman in unity state also claimed that Guit County Commissioner Kawaya Chany was also wounded in the clashes. He accused Sudanese rebels of involvement in those clashes.


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