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Government attacks on Pagak and Maiwut county of Upper Nile State eminent – Pieng Deng Kuol

JUBA – South Sudan’s Chief Inspector of Police, Gen Pieng Deng Kuol disclosed in a leaked conversation with an ex-army general that Maiwut County, the new base of the rebels administration in Upper Nile State can be targeted anytime soon “if the rebels continue to violate ceasefire”.
The highly classified information was leaked to the Upper Nile Times by an informer who was present in a phone conversation between Gen Pieng and an ex-army general. 
Pieng accused the rebels of not committing to ceasefire and continuing to violate the document signed by the two warring parties by attacking government positions in Nasir and elsewhere. 
“You know, we have come to realise that the rebels are loosened groups with separate ideologies which differ with what Riek Machar is pursuing. They must be dismantled to restore peace in South Sudan once and for all. Now, we are organising troops that will come from Paloch and pass through Guelguk to attack those rebel held areas of Pagak and Maiwut county” – Pieng narrated. 
Pieng was told to stop thinking of Upper Nile by the ex-general and instead concentrate their effort on maintaining that Juba and other areas under the government’s control are safe but categorically refused. 
Pagak and Maiwut are strategically located near the Ethiopian border town of Gambella. The rebels have made the area as their operation base since the conflict began. Government however believes that the rebels acquire and transport their ammunitions through the area prompting the government in April to strategise a way to capture Maiwut. 
The Upper Nile Times
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