Thursday December 14, 2017

Gen Taban Deng and IO advance team to arrive in Juba on Tuesday

PAGAK – General Taban Deng, the former Unity State governor and current Chief Negotiator for the SPLMIO is set to jet into Juba on Tuesday as a leader of advance team of 550 SPLMIO officials chosen by the movement to oversee the impelementation of the peace agreement.
The advance team, according to the movement’s liberation council in Pagak will be deployed in major towns of the 10 states with their security provided for by the Juba government and UNMISS. The advance team’s logistics which include air tickets and accomodation will be forbidded for by the IGAD and Juba government respectively.

Juba, JMEC and UNMISS to guarantee advance team’s safety.

The liberatin council in Pagak has resolved that the advance team will not be accorded with armed security from the movement. The Liberation Council however asked the government in Juba, JMEC and UNMISS to ensure safety of their staffs by providing enough maximum security while they implement the agreement.
Many supporters of the SPLMIO vented their frustration on social media after the announcement of the report by the Liberation Council in Pagak. Some supporters called the advance team deployment as “premature” and “careless” which shouldn’t be made this early owing to ongoing clashes between the two forces.
“what is the point of sending the advance team to Juba when the Juba has been at constant attack on our forces? what is the guarantee of the security of the people sent into harms way?…to me our leadership is failing us here. They cannot entrust an enemy with their delegation’s security when the peace agreement is in tatters. this is ridiculous” – a one social media writer laments.
Both warring parties were set to form a unity government within the shortest time possible after signing the agreement. That time has since passed. They were also asked to contain their forces and respect the cessation of hostilities agreement signed in August but constant attacks have since never ceased with the latest being bombardment of cantonment areas of SPLMIO in Mundri.



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The SPLM-IO Advance Team has finally Arrived

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