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Defected General blames Duoth Guet for taking part in ethnic Nuer cleansing

Brigadier Gatwech Puoch (Photo: Ali Ngethi)

JUBA – The newly defected high profile Brigadier General Gabriel Gatwech Puoch claimed that the massacre in Juba was not committed by Salva Kiir and his presidential guards alone. Puoch blamed Thomas Duoth Guet the head of internal security within the presidency for conspiring and making a false coup.

“I know Nuer forget things very quickly. Thomas Duoth Guet was the one who did this. He’s the one who made this coup d’etat. If peace comes now, Nuer will be the same one who go back and say the whole thing is finished. you will be lynched one by one. The same Thomas who betrayed you, some of you will go to him and looking for jobs. Thomas is the one who caused this damage.” Brig Gatwech Puoch

Brigadier Puoch said that the all coup narrative was a cover up to justify the reason why innocent civilians were killed. adding that if it was a coup, even his division 5 administration which consisted of over 30,000 fighters would have taken part in the fight.
General Gabriel was the chief administrator of the SPLA Division 5 based in Wau. He claimed to have contributed in ensuring that the chaos around the country did not extend to the area.
In his defection, Brig Gen Gatwech said that he also has his own reasons of defecting to the SPLM-i-O. He said that his lack of promotion to the rank of General contributed immensely to his defection. He also said that he fed up with Malak Ayuen, the SPLA – Juba TV anchor who presents daily on military affairs. Gatwech claimed that Ayuen insults the whole tribe including those with the government.



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