Monday December 11, 2017

Calgary Marked the First Annual Juba Nuer Genocide Memorial Service

CALGARY – They came in hundreds as the Calgarian Nuer marked the first Juba Nuer Genocide. The genocide has taken place and it is still taking place. As believers, South Sudanese need peace, and only through almighty will peace be realized, they said. One of the believers called for peace and unity and asked God for lifting their suffering.

Dr. Yoal Chiek, a sympathizer with the Nuer victims stated that the regime in Juba has committed genocide, period. “There is no reason for killing children and mothers because children knew nothing about politics” he said. Nhial Wicleek, an organizing committee uttered that “peace will be realized only if Salva Kiir has stepped down and give peace chance.”

Mr. Wicleek, said “let seek God’s mercy, for in God’s power, victory is certain.” Thomas Bithow, a Nuer community elder condemned the slow move UN is taking in the case of South Sudan. “If Salva Kiir is being accepted as a leader and still appears before the UN council as a legitimate president, what is the purpose of the UN,” he asked.

The regime in Juba has massacred 20,000 Nuer people and nothing is being done. But when 150 people were killed in Ukraine, the country president was forced out of the office, what about Salva Kiir Mayardit who victimized these much number.

Peter Tut, a South Sudanese Nuer Christian Network, applauded the move Christians have embraced standing up as victims and as well for the victims of the December 15 – 20, 2013. We are a community of mourners” he said. Through God we trust, let seek his mercy in the following year.

Simon Thuok, a community chairman echoed his voice asking for Nuer victim to not seek revenge, but to forgive for the unity of South Sudanese. Of course, Nuers were massacred for no apparent reason.

Thousands have been killed, and 1.5 million people have been displaced.


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