Wednesday December 13, 2017

Bor Women Demonstrate, Demanding the Sacking of Governor Kong Nyuon

BOR – About 273 women in Bor have demonstrated on Thursday on what they believed as Caretaker Governor Kong Nyuon’s attempt to resettle Nuer IDPs at neighbourhoods of Bor Town.

The group women chanting “Down Down John Kong….We don’t need Nuer in Bor” went to the caretaker Governor’s office with the aim to meet the governor. However, as the governor was not in his office, the women were ushered away by police officers who were at the vicinity of the building.

Governor Kong’s government is persuading the Nuer IDPs in the UNMISS camp to come out and stay in the town as they used to. The IDPs however are refusing to come out in fear for their lives in a populated Dinka city despite many attempts. A committee was formed by the government of Jonglei to directly talk to the IDPs and UNMISS. Some Nuer IDPs elders were also given a task of persuading their people by Nyuon but nothing seems to be working so far.

Last year, more than 50 unarmed IDPs were killed by tribal Bor-Dinka youth armed with machine guns. A group also believed to have the backing of the government forces. The group went on a shooting spree indiscriminately killing children and elderly in an ethnically charged execution style.
The IDPs fear that a situation worst than that horrible ordeal would potentially happen if they go and live in the neighbourhoods.

The demonstrators today in their petition letter asked Salva Kiir to sack governor Kong and be replaced with “one of our own”.

“We don’t want Nuer here. They killed a lot of our people and they should not come back again to the city they destroyed. We don’t need John Kong too. He’s one of the Nuer people who want Dinka Bor destroyed.” , one demonstrator shouted to The Upper Nile Times reporter.


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