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About 1.6 Billion US dollars in the account of South Sudan President – Edward Lino

Addis Ababa – Speaking in a public rally yesterday in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, Edward Lino, the former Chairman of Abyei oversight commission and director in the office of president criticized Mr. President Salva Kirr for killing his own people in Juba on 15 December 2013.

“He is the biggest liar on earth who spoiled the name of Dinka in South Sudan.” he continued.

“Not all the Dinka who killed Nuer but only Salva and his group trained in Luri ,are the one who made the genocide in juba.” He continued.

Lino went on saying that its good the AU commission of inquiry released its report on South Sudan “so that the killers and the thieves would be known.” He accused Kiir of killing the residents and the relatives in the home of former vice president DR.Riek Machar when he left his house during the fighting in Juba.

AU report was clear and made it that the Nuer tribe were in deep sleep, meaning that the Nuer did not attack anybody or community but were in a revenge mood when their beloved ones got killed by genocide regime in Juba.

“If Nuer were not killed, there should be no fighting in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal.” Lino added.

He accused the president of promoting huge corruption by putting the public money of which he believed more than 1.6 Billions US dollar is in his account.

Further, the former ambassador to the US, Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth also revealed that the Juba regime is on ethnic bases because Mr. President doesn’t want to be corrected. During the appointment of Ambassadors by the presidential degree, there were only 8 Nuers ambassador among the 54 dinkas who were appointed on the same days.

“The situation must be reversed, no matter what .Despise the suffering of our people in IDPS camps in WAU, BENTIU, BOR Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan. We will make it” Mr. Gatkuoth charged.

“South Sudan government is already failed because it had got only Uganda in the national and international diplomacy……Dr.Riek has a vision to transform this country to be better place for all of us,” said the ambassador.

“Reforms need to be implemented to make a better country instead of small clans to use the country’s wealth for its own benefit. Better system of federalism need to be established in order for peaceful co-existent in south Sudan like any other countries in the world…we have good example in US, India who are using federal states,” he illustrated.

The Former ambassador has been calling on all those in exile to commit to the cause of the revolution and to severe any ties with “the failing regime of Juba”



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