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2 speed boats drowned and a government colonel is missing as ceasefire tatters

JONGLEI – South Sudan’s armed opposition claimed on Tuesday to have sunk 2 government gunboats destined for Jonglei’s rebel held areas. The boats consisted of barges and gunboats were heading to Pow el Zaraf when they were ambushed according to the rebel spokesman, Col Gatjiath.
“Government convey which comprise of Barges and gunboats attacked our forces at Wathkech, yiew and Tonga County yesterday evening and he fierce battle ended at 5 AM this morning.” Col atjiath said.
According to the rebels spokesman, 2 of the boats were sunk and 2 other managed to run away but one with a blown up vessel. The spokesman also disclosed that another separate boat was captured in good condition with all the ammunitions in it.
“we captured one tank,two Zuu 23 and six 12.7 achines guns as well as different motor shields…Currently one Barge and 2 Boats which escaped are now retreating to Unity State, but our forces remain calm in their bases as chairman and commander in chief for Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army Dr. Riek Machar assured our soldiers at the frontlines not to attack any government soldiers”- Col added.
Missing government colonel
According to a government source in Juba, a Colonel who was in charge of the forces destined for rebel control areas is missing. The government however didn’t know whether the Colonel was killed or lost direction when the two boats retreated.
These latest confrontations between the two warring parties put the recently signed permanent ceasefire in ultimate jeopardy.


Philip Gual: An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.