Tuesday December 12, 2017

SPLM IO Generals Rubbish the Death of Their Colleagues

Bith Jonathan


JUBA – “We are brought to die for the sake of peace,” Chayuout.

A shaky peace has yet resulted into the death of many SPLM soldiers with the number raising as SPLM – IO force of 1,700 people has inflicted heavy damage against the Government of South Sudan forces under Salva Kiir. In a conversation that leads up to the term referred to, as “we are brought to die for the sake of peace” is a mixture of testimony on one and hand and a casting of blame to the UN that brought the SPLM-IO contingent for the sake of implementation peace process.

According to James Gatdet Dak, a SPLIO Press secretary, for the office of FV, of Dr. Riek Machar Teny said,“ “the delusional anti-peace forces of SPLA in Juba wasted their bullets last night, firing sporadically in the air, celebrating a lie that President Salva Kiir’s forces have killed SPLA – IO’s top Generals including Chief of General Staff, General Simon Gatwech Dual, and Deputy Chief of General Staff for Administration and Finance, General James Koang Chuol Ranley had been killed, not true”.

“This is a white lie! They are very safe, protected by their gallant forces. I wonder what will these celebrators say when they will soon see the two Generals. This shows how delusional and ill-informed are those anti-peace forces. How could an institutional army depend on a mere lie as a source of decision-making. Disgusting, he added.”

Chayuot Manyang Wur, the current Governor of Adar State, said, “we will never be defeat, if UN including (Troika) try to mislead an IO (who are an eager to safe the nation) for the better of the civilian. The IO will save the civilians.”

Chayiot added that, “we the IO, respect the August Peace Agreement, and if the Faction of Salva Kiir violated the peace, we have no option but only to defend ourselves and south Sudanese civilians.”

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Bith Jonathan

Bith Jonathan is an award-winning journalist and columnist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mass media and journalism from the prestigious kenyan school of mass media.

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