Tuesday December 12, 2017

SPLM-IO Chapters in the United States Reject Taban Deng Gai

TENNESSEE – In a strong worded letter seen by the Upper Nile Times correspondence today the 5th of October 2016, the 15 SPLM-IO chapters have strongly rejected Taban Deng Gai and registered their continuing allegiance under the leadership of the Chairman Dr. Machar.

“We the SPLM-IO chapters in the United States of America unanimously continue our support to SPLM/A IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny the Chairman and C-in-C.” the letter read.

Despite the defection of interest group allegedly bribed by Taban to follow his illegitimate leadership, it is indeed up to such members who choose to forget the 2013 massacre that claimed more than 20,000 people in three days.

“The fifteen SPLM/A IO Chapters support the position of the SPLM/A IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek on the peace initiative which had been proposed in Addis Ababa and signed as Agreed terms to the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan” letter read.

More so than ever, the leadership under Dr. Machar has underscored an important road map to the awaited reform across South Sudan.  As a visionary leader, his mission has “underscores peace in terms of justice, equality and transparency amongst all south Sudanese. It also called for reforms in the current dysfunctional institutions within the Country in particular the military institution.”

The chapters reject and condemn the attempt made by Taban to divide the communities by signing the deals with members’ communities in the following order:

“This deal shall bring about failure of reconciliation amongst communities because Taban Deng Gai does not represent any constituent but hand full of people who worry about their interest oppose to common interest of South Sudanese.”

“The deal shall fail to produce reforms within the current governmental organs like the military. As a result the military personals shall continue to mistreat citizens of the Country.”

“The deal shall allow the current government entities such as military to subdue citizens from natural rights and forcefully inject fear into communities. Communities would be silenced by power of guns and forced calm shall prevail in the name of peace. This is the form of peace the deal shall bring.”

The following signatories to this letter as seen by the Upper Nile Times are as follow: Sabata Ramba, National Coordination, and Chapter Leadership with respect to their states; John Lado; Head of Chapter in Texas, William; Head of Chapter in Washington, James Kuay; Head of Chapter in Utah, Casim Abucha; Head of Chapter in Arizona, Makuel Wie; Head of Chapter in Nebraska, Simon Pouch; Head of Chapter in Iow, Timothy Gonda; Head of Chapter in Minnesota, Julius Dima; Head of Chapter in Kansas Missouri, Michael Gatwech; Head of Chapter in Tennessee, Marco Rut; Head of Chapter in North Dakote, Dubol Luok; Head of Chapter in Maine, Dejoik Thor; Head of Chapter in Alaska, Peter Gak; Head of Chapter in California, and Abraham Gideon; Head of Chapter in Colorado.




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