Tuesday December 12, 2017

South Sudan plane crashes on landing, all 45 passengers rescued with minor injuries on 17

WAU – A South Sudan plane owned by South Supreme Airlines has crashed after colliding with a fire truck on landing. The plane, a Russian made Antonov 26 with a tail number S9-TLW suffered a fatal landing after a failed communication with the ground crew which included UNMISS staffs. According to UN authorities in Wau airstrip, the plane crashed while a moving fire truck tried to make away for its landing.

“we felt that some sort of miscommunication happened and the pilot was already on the runway when the fire truck driver tried to manoeuvre around to make way. purely accidental but thanks God, all the 40 passengers including 5 crew members were successfully retrieved from the plane. we have so far taken 17 passengers with minor injuries to the hospital”- A UN rescue member told The Upper Nile Times.

It is not the first time for South Supreme airlines to cause runway debacle like this. In January 7th 2014, the same airline’s South Supreme F50 caused a minor runway accident in Aweil.


The plane was manufactured in 1969 by Antonov, a Russian aviation manufacturer with long history of flight risks and accidents. The plane was registered in Kenya for commercial use given South Sudan doesn’t have airlines regulations to register their own domestically. It has an outdated Fokker engine and was once deemed as not suitable for flights by Ukrainian engineers who conducted a test work on the plane in 2014. In late 2014, the plane was recommended for storage.



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