Monday October 23, 2017

South Sudan ambassador to Sudan might be deported to Juba tomorrow over rape

KHARTOUM – embattling South Sudan ambassador and accused rapist Hon Mayen Dut Waal might be deported to Juba tomorrow by the Sudan National security “over malt-practices” according to the state-owned Sudan Media services for his involvement in a rape case involving a woman belong to a South Sudanese general.
Waal, the official representative of the government in Juba was accused of using his position as ambassador to solicit a female named as a wife of Abdel Bagi Ayii for sexual purposes. Waal was eventually beaten unconscious last week by relatives of Gen Bagi Ayii and left completely unrecognizable. He was then picked up by passersby who took him to a police station at Suk El Arabi near Arak Hotel.
The family of Gen Abdel Bagi Ayii believed that Ambassador Waal and the lady had an affair that has been running for more than six months.

“They were found in several markets together buying food and clothes. the woman too goes to his office we don’t know for what
reason. He buys airtime to call her family back in South Sudan. But this time, they were caught leaving the Arak hotel together
and that was why the family decided that we had enough” – A family member told Upper Nile Times.

Ambassador Waal has been serving in Khartoum for the last 3 years. But according to the foreign Ministry in Sudan, this will have to change.

“we take rape very seriously and the allegations made against the South Sudan Ambassador are very serious. It’s against Islam and we will not tolerate this. we have already communicated the issue to our brothers in Juba. If all things go well, we might deport the Ambassador to Juba even tomorrow.” a senior Sudanese Foreign affairs staff said to state-owned Sudan Media Services.



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