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Senior IO military official blasts Former Detainees’ proposal calling for Machar’s exit: its “Wishful thinking and Desperation”

Dr Machar said its premature to talk about position when the root causes of what caused the deadly conflict is not addressed. Photo: AFP

PAGAK – A senior IO military commander in Pagak outlandishly described the recent proposal by the Former Detainees calling for Dr Riek Machar and Salva Kiir exit in South Sudan politics as “bizarre, desperate and wishful thinking”.

Brig Gen Daniel Gatbel Kuach, an IO commander under Dr Riek Machar in Pagak said that the group are part of the problem and should also find an exit strategy for themselves too.

“I’ve learn that Former Detainees proposed an exit strategy for the chairman where they want him to retire along with Salva Kiir. They also say that the chairman and Mr Kiir would be given a package of incentives in order to retire financially secure in foreign land. what did the chairman do in order for him to be equally vilified in the same way as Mr Kiir? Salva Kiir killed one tribe in thousands and committed a genocide. He also forced the chairman out twice using Ugandan gunships and armoured vehicles while he was trying to practice his right as a citizen. He also institutionalised a scorch-earth policy targeting every opposing tribe in South Sudan. why don’t they condemn in singular and find an exit strategy for Mr Salva Kiir who brought this country onto its knees instead? this is a desperate attempt by these group and a wishful thinking in the hope that they will rule South Sudan thereafter. These guys are beneficiaries of Dr Machar sweat. If we in the IO and Dr Machar didn’t fight for their release in 2014, they would’ve all died now or rot in jail. They didn’t give credit where it’s due and thanked Dr Machar for their release, instead they’ve since going behind stabbing him in the back. what kind of people are these? Now, these detainees are in the payroll of the government. they’re a government project. no sane person can call for exit of somebody who is innocent. The former detainees need to come to terms with exit strategy for themselves. They have done too much damage to South Sudanese politicising and spinning the truth of the war for their own good. Deng Alor Kuol, John Luk Jock and Lol Gatkuoth are in the government. the rest of their friends should just join them. they are making a meaningless noise. Dr Riek Machar is a victim. A victim cannot be treated in the same context as the oppressor. Machar is not going anywhere” – A statement from Brig Gen Daniel Gatbel reads.

Brig Gen Daniel Gatbel Kuach


Former Detainees’ Road Map

The former Political Detainees commonly known as the FDs unveiled a plan suggesting for President Kiir and Dr Machar’s exit from politics in order to achieve peace. The unauthored proposal accused the duo of holding South Sudan hostage. The group listed three strategies “To persuade them to give the matter serious thought, this offer must be backed by credible threat of force”.

“An exit strategy will comprise a package that offers:

(1) asylum for the two in a willing country or countries,

(2) amnesty for specified crimes committed (crimes against humanity, human rights crimes and crime under international humanitarian law) from 15 December, 2013 to the end of the transition or date of the deal, with conditions attached and

(3) reasonable financial incentives that assures them of decent living in exile,”



Philip Gual: An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.