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NHIAL WICLEEK: The Road to a Sustainable Peace: A case of Dr. Machar

Dr Riek making a speech at Pagak conference (photo: James Gatdet Dak)

Fear has all been the South Sudanese’ experience in a country that has felt the heat for over three years.  The destruction portrayed on social media has gone beyond imagination and will continue to even greatly seize the opportunity the man perceived to be the Joshou, comes to power and change the political conundrum.

Last year, when the international community brought the peace accord (https://unmiss.unmissions.org/sites/default/files/final_proposed_compromise_agreement_for_south_sudan_conflict.pdf) to living, South Sudanese across the globe expressed optimism that this peace was going to do even more….mainly to rescue them from the nationwide insecurity caused by the ongoing gun battles between the warring parties, which resulted into “widespread sexual violence, including rape and gang rape, of women and young girls, by soldiers and unidentified armed men” (http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=54607#.WGdXR1MrLIU) under Salva Kiir Mayardit.

For that matter, the peace once tabled with the hope to change the social and political disdain, did not materialize; rather, it quickly ended up in full abrogation on the eve of the Republic of South Sudan Independence Day.  Like Susan Page, Ambassador to South Sudan, once stated when I was boarding a flight after surviving the genocide from Juba to Nairobi on December 19, 2013, that, even if the best Christmas gift you could ever get was such, peace unto you all, and have a Merry Christmas.  Although most of us were in tears, it was realistically true that South Sudanese were given unwanted Christmas gift prior to the joyous moment they could have enjoyed on the birth of Jesus Christ’s day, that day.

However, Dr. Peace was so loyal and thought that the leadership in Juba could understand the meaning of Peace and could therefore respect it.  On the sidebar, the pressure was mounting saying Dr. Machar, was dragging its feet. Was that true? Who had questioned Salva Kiir’s violation widely seen on social media from Juba?

Hence, Dr. Machar, with international pressure had agreed to return to Juba, to follow through with the remaining contentious issues pending agreeing upon.  The arrival of Dr. Machar to Juba, was marked with ululate on the streets of Juba changing the social and political discourse as many have felt that it was enough and over; and therefore, they could begin to plan for their dear future.

What’s happened? Because the nursery was full of the Evil Elders deeply impacted by childhood trauma and centuries of violent conflicts, the peace accord that supposed to have arrested the situation was dashed in a second leaving a long carnage, and a trail of bodies of innocent civilians killed, and left littering the streets of Juba.

The elderly, the kids, the mothers, the disabled, the poor, the business people, and the common man on streets suffered not because they had a hand in this political failure, but because the selfishness of rogue Elites called JCE.  They could neither run for hiding as there was no place to hide nor defended themselves for they have nothing to protect themselves with.

Those that were trained to protect them from any eminent danger were the one that turned their barrels and guns against them.  The peace was tore apart and so the last option was to kill it.  They have followed Dr. Peace from Jebel Kujuur all the way to Congo only to kill him.

If only they (e.g., International community or the regime in Juba) were mindful about the survival of the South Sudanese, they could have faced hard questions, or could not have ignited the war they have broken on July 8, 2016.

If only Dr. Machar was well informed about an ill-intended plan by the international community together with the rogue regime, he could have not prepared to go in peace and represent the symbol of unity; whereas, on the other side not.  The plan could have been another way around.

Scapegoated for the sake of peace; however, the concern citizens of South Sudan resorted to pointing fingers with great intense against the people that brought Dr. Machar to Juba.  Than to realize that it was a mistake, they (plotters) have begun as well to wonder for failing to miss the opportunity they thought was going to be the last prospect (killing Dr. Machar, the pillar of peace).

In the lead up to their failure and to rethink their mechanism, and or to solve the political mischief, the same people, then started to echo their voice, roaring across the world, throwing words of condemnations against Dr. Machar, calling him an impediment (https://news24africa.com/rebel-leader-riek-machar-is-an-impediment-to-peace-south-sudan/).  Look at that! Does the world know that the man is the only pillar of hope for South Sudanese?

Well, if Dr. Machar was seen as an impediment, and perceived to not participate in any political situation in South Sudan, his absence from South Sudan could have marked the expected calm.  But, did that happen as of now, or is it close to materializing as of now? If it does, there could not have been warning from UN representative tasked to oversee genocide in Africa that there is a looming genocide (http://www.usip.org/publications/2016/12/15/south-sudan-looming-genocide-plans-prevention).

The long silence of the super power, failure to impose arm embargo (http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/12/outrage-blocks-south-sudan-arms-embargo-161223153844996.html), and a support to the rogue regime as indicated by many is a complete failure of the super power (e.g., United States, UK, and Canada) that nursed the nascent nation.  Their failure to not identify Dr. Machar’s strength into this peace will only result into a complete failure to bring peace to South Sudan.  Dr. Machar you see is the only peacemaker to bring South Sudanese under the negotiation table for a possible reconciliation.  Dr. Machar is the stem of the government, the rule of law, and the good governance being called for at all levels.  Denying him participation in South Sudan Affairs will never bringing about a lasting peace to South Sudan, but to aggravate the situation.

This is to say, let the world boldly pressure Salva Kiir and his entire JCE that have turned South Sudan into tribal regime to resuscitate the August 2015, Compromised Peace Agreement.  Let the world condemns Taban Deng Gai and call for his removal so that Dr. Machar reengage the enemy of peace in Juba.  However, let an urgent third party forces deployed to rescue and protect the unprotected.  Under him, these are the only mechanisms for South Sudan to achieve sustainable peace.

The opinion expressed herein are solely for the writer.  Should you have any concern, please, direct your inquiries to the writer at wicleek44@gmail.com

Nhial Korow Wicleek: Is a commentator for The Upper Nile Times. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Canadian University College in Lacombe, Alberta. He is currently doing graduate work in Professional Community Rehabilitation & Disability Studies at University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta. You can reach him for any question/comments at korow1st@yahoo.ca