Monday December 11, 2017

Nhial Deng Nhial “privately acting” as the foreign Minister of South Sudan – Report

JUBA – South Sudan government’s former Minister of foreign affairs and chief negotiator of the government, Mr Nhial Deng Nhial is privately acting as the Foreign Minister of South Sudan, according to reports by a foreign ministry official in Juba.

Nhial according to the departmental official who didn’t want to be named in order to speak freely is said to be signing overseas contracts and negotiating on behalf of the government in a “new trust given to him by President Kiir”


“He has been signing embassy grants. He has also been issuing letters on student scholarships to overseas. Recently, we were surprised by a letter from him demanding the explanation of the report leaked to the media that some South Sudanese embassies overseas will be closed. It looks like he has been given a new temporary work by the president to see this last minute of the foreign ministry before its handed over to the former detainees.” – The official said.

Nhial Deng Nhial was a former Minister of Foreign Affairs before South Sudan seceded in a referendum in 2011.


Recently, President Salva Kiir dismissed the Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon Barnaba Marial Benjamin over some fiery comments the minister made on the status of people of Abyei in South Sudan.

Benjamin is deputised by Bashir Ghandi whom automatically can assume the role of a foreign minister until the formation of National Unity Government when the post is expected to go to the former detainees and particularly Deng Alor Kuol.


“It looks like there is some sort of mistrust. President was not happy with the way South Sudan diplomacy works at the moment. His image has been severely damaged over this crisis. He has some very few people he trusts in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs” – The official added.



Bith Jonathan

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