Wednesday December 13, 2017

Machar set to meet Gen Gatdet and Changson in Khartoum today

KHARTOUM – South Sudan’s First Vice President designate, Dr Riek Machar is set to meet with the disgruntled generals of SPLMIO who decided to break away a month ago to form a faction aimed to fight both the rebel leader Machar and Salva Kiir.


The meeting is set to happen today, facilitated by the president of Sudan, H.E Omar Hassan El-Bashir.

Gatdet according to the reports in Khartoum refused to come to the meeting but was threatened for forceful deportation from Sudan by the sudanese government. the general made reservations saying that it was his personal intention to come to Khartoum and that Machar should be treated as someone who just came in and found him there. therefore he should have been the one to call the meeting not Bashir and Machar.


The meeting is set to involve a lot of Nuer community members on the sidelines who see Sudan as an haven of protection for them.

Bashir according to the sources was not happy keeping Gatdet in Khartoum. He wanted the general to go back to south sudan or Addis Ababa.




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