Monday October 23, 2017

Machar arrives in Khartoum – Sudan’s Minister of Information says

Dr Machar said its premature to talk about position when the root causes of what caused the deadly conflict is not addressed. Photo: AFP

Khartoum – South Sudan’s opposition leader and former FVP Dr Riek Machar has “recently” arrived in Khartoum on “humanitarian ground” according to Sudan’s Information and Government Official Spokesperson, Dr Ahmed Bilal Osman in a statement today.

According to Dr Ahmed’s statement published by the state-owned SUNA, and part of which was extended to the Upper Nile Times, Dr Machar was received by the government in Khartoum due to his ill-health which deteriorated while trekking on foot between Juba and Democratic republic of Congo.
“He will be here till his condition improves. thereafter, he might decide to go for further medical treatment in other country he so desires” – Dr Ahmed said.
Dr Ahmed said that “brothers in South Sudan were informed” when Dr Machar arrived in the country.
Here is Information Minister, Dr Ahmed Bilal’s message unofficially translated from Arabic script:
The Sudan has recently received Dr Rick Machar, on purely humanitarian reasons top of which his need for urgent medical attention, as when he arrived his health conditions required urgent medical attention.

The United Nations had earlier announced that he was received by one of the neighboring countries for the same reasons.

The health condition of Dr Rick Machar is now stable and he will stay in the country under full medical supervision until he leaves the country for a destination of his choice to complete his medical treatment.

It is to be noted that the brothers in South Sudan have been notified about this. End


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