Monday December 11, 2017

Kirr Has Committed Ethnic Massacre in Juba

UNT – “He who keep his mouth shut when a human is being killed in his plain view, is just a murderer himself”

Our costly and hard earned new nation, by much blood and sweats and many dreams deferred, but finally achieved, is now suddenly in Limbo, thrown into this precarious situations by the inept presidency of Mr. Salva Kirr.

Salva Kirr chose to rule by decrees instead of consensus. Salva Kirr rendered the judiciary worthless and the national parliament toothless, thus Kirr became the only “Bull” in the cattle camp, mounting whatever cow he wishes and bullying other potential bulls into submissions, to keep the procreation rights only to himself. Thus in a modern terms, a Dictator was born.

He, Kirr, is the absolute head of the country but also the absolute head of the arm forces; in addition he is the ultimate and absolute head of the SPLM party! Is it no wonder, absolute powers corrupt absolutely! He does and undo as he wishes, unchallenged! Thus he was shocked that the so-called “group of the disgruntled” democratically challenged his absoluteness, his response, instead of being democratic, it was show of force and the rest is now history.

Kirr removes elected governors, what an abominations! How could an elected president remove an elected officials, elected just as him? How can you fire one you did not employ! Those who gave him the power are the same who gave the governors their mandates, the people’s voices and vote. Is there any doubt left in anyone’s mind, that tyranny is tragically and fully born in the republic of South Sudan?

What keeps social tranquility and the citizens, away from arm conflicts are the democratic resources available to address grievances, but even street demonstrators under Kirr, were gunned down in Wau, and political parties to include his very own are disabled by him!

In keeping with his ambitions to total control, instead of building a national army, rather than the loose coalitions of militias turned SPLA, he aggravated the situations by raising his own republican guards mostly from his Dinka ethnic groups. This was the most deadly mistake Kirr has ever made.

Instead of accommodating those with different ideas and giving them the democratic space to practice their views and dreams for the country, he block every channels for such democratic practices, his own party, could not convene their meetings while other parties have no liberty to expand. Journalists are threatened and opinion writers like Isaiah Abraham, assassinated without accounts to date.

The mishandling of this illegal and criminal militia is what sparked this deadly unrest which very unfortunately, the now dictator president, dressed in full military gear, maliciously decalred it a coup AND HE LIED and every body knows it!
Given he had refused to allow the SPLM to hold their politburo meetings clearly tells us politically he is afraid of Machar and his groups and now took advantage of this infighting which broke in his very own militia the so called republican guards. By declaring it a coup! By doing so, he essentially declared death on Machar and all those who are opposed to him! What an evil and dirty move and what a disappointment!

This declaration and him referring to the bitter splits of 1991 and referring to Machar as ‘the prophet of doom” the president essentially triggered raw emotions in the Dinka and send his armed Dinka tribesmen and using the national resources, in rampage kill of our fellow citizens, our Nuer brothers and sister all over Juba, Women and Children. Therefor my fellow countrymen and women, the president is responsible for all the lives lost and the Nuer Massacre in Juba.

I must clearly declare here that I am not a Nuer and I do not need to be one to be shocked by this horror they experienced in the hands of our own president, which must be condemned in the strongest terms and condemned loudly by every Southern Sudanese and the entire world.

All South Sudanese must be outraged and furious for such killings of any of our women and children just because they are Nuer. If we keep quiet, tomorrow it will be Shiluks, Bari, Muro etc. Our very own government butchered these Victims!
Shame on Kirr. He has committed massacre and ethnic cleansing of our Nuer brothers and sisters in the capital city, Juba. Kirr must be held responsible for this.

Kirr Accused those opposed to his style of government as “disgruntled” and “Coup makers” But in truth it is Kirr who made coup against democracy! Kirr revolted against those who gave him the power and kill them instead! These dead brothers and Sisters from the Nuer are the very same people who voted for separations and who voted him into power and now he has maliciously extinguished their lives forever!

In conclusions, kirr has lost legitimacy and is no longer fit to lead our country. He needs to step down and the parliament takes charge and new elections convened.

This is the only option that will save us from all out civil war. The problem is not Machar and his group; the problem of our country is Kirr who has eliminated all democratic paths and methods in the country and has now resorted to deadly means. Kirr must go.

Dear Country men, lets us get rid of Kirr but remember to walk the high grounds, of Christianity, for we are mostly godly people, Even this murderer kirr himself goes to church.

I urge on my fellow countrymen the Nuer, to not behave like Kirr, please for the sake our future together, as a country, let us teach the Dinka what true Citizenships means, do not pay them back with bloods as they inflicted on you! If you take the high grounds, we the rest of South Sudan, together with you, will not spare Kirr. He and his generals are the problems not the Dinka who blindly follow their evil leaders. Let us spare our blind Dinka men and women but not Kirr and his generals, who must go!

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