Tuesday December 12, 2017

Kiir can’t even control his own body guards. His show off on camera is all talk – Advisor

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir addresses a news conference at the presidential palace in Juba, Dec. 16, 2013, after clashes between rival factions. (Credit: Reuters)

JUBA – a former Presidential advisor to President Kiir has claimed that President Kiir, a man he has been advising on foreign policy for 4 years “doesn’t even have the ability to control a small unit of guards he selected,  trained and feed” , in a major blow to the claims by Kiir that he is in command of his forces.

The advisor who refused to be disclosed and currently abroad for minor treatments has told the Upper Nile Times that the inability of President Kiir to direct and control his personal guards is the reason for the widespread violence in the country.

“..we all know that something is really wrong. All the guards currently protecting the president were almost selected by him or people who are so close to him. What we also know is that they don’t listen to his instructions. there were incident after incident, some of which are not event reported in the media and they all involves these guards. But the ongoing civil war exposed all these guards and president kiir’s inability to control them. we have seen it and I have advised the president a lot of time that something is really wrong. there should not be disappearances and unknown killings in Juba. it has been a pain for everybody. This is what has been making Juba really lawless ” – the advisor said.

“….if he was in control of these guards, why didn’t he stop the fighting in J1 on Friday the 8th? his inability has also manifested through the armed forces. when the fighting continued for the second day two weeks ago, it was all because of undisciplined soldiers who are loosely not under his control. because if he was in charge of everyone, he would have told them to stop and not advance to the First Vice President’s house and Jebel SPLMIO base. all these were done by other factors without his consent. can you trust a president like that? no. He can talk in the media about being in charge of his own force but its all a show off.. if he was, he would not have allowed the military bombardment of the First Vice President’s home. not at all.”  – he lamented.



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