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Imatong State governor rubbishes claims by government that his state based IO rebels agreed to lay down their arms

Major Hon Oyet Pierino, Governor of Imatong. Photo: Oyiet Pierino/Facebook

YEI – The SPLMIO governor of Imatong State, Hon Oyet Nathaniel Pierino has dismissed recent media reports that Imatong State’s IO based rebel have accepted to lay down their arms and join the government in order to participate in the regime’s “National Dialogue”.

Hon Pierino, a senior member of the SPLMIO and the current governor of Imatong on the side of the opposition called the report as “white lie and desperate attempt by a government who have lost touch with the reality”. In a media report extended to the Upper Nile Times, Hon Oyet said the government has resorted to “ideological bankruptcy and disorientation of facts”.

“On behalf of the SPLM/A-IO movement in Imatong state and on my own behalf, this is totally a wild lie and I dismissed such with contempt. It’s rubbish and no such a thing like that. I want to overstate that SPLMAIO is not fighting to be included in the national dialogue, or cantonment or any position in the country. Such claim by government authority especially at the level of a government or state government only speaks for the level of ideological bankruptcy and disorientation the regime has descended into.” – Hon Oyet Pierino’s statement reads

The senior IO rebel said that the government remains in illusion and can’t be trusted with media reports. He said the people of Imatong are strongly behind the leadership of Dr Riek Machar Teny and will never change to embrace a meaningless national dialogue.

“SPLAIO under the able leadership and Commandership of Dr. Riek Machar remains intact and in full pursuit of the infallible demands of the people of South Sudan; federalism, democracy, liberty, justice, accountability and prosperity and not National Dialogue and self enrichment or a plate of food. If anything the national dialogue has been born dead and buried in Presidential palace.

“The forces of SPLAIO in Imatong state not only remain committed to the cause of the aspirations of South Sudanese but also has grievances like their brothers elsewhere in Equatoria region, Western Bar el Gazel and Upper Nile region. The grievances of land grabbing, marginalization, exclusion, targeted killings, genocide, atrocities and ethnic cleansing have made our resolve to fight for the total liberation and freedom of South Sudan stronger than ever” – Hon Pierion’s statement reads

Hon Oyet Pierino was reacting to a media report attributed to the regime’s Imatong Governor Hon Tobiolo Alberto who claimed at the weekend that his government reached an agreement with the state based IO rebels to lay down their arms and to participate in a home based solution using the National Dialogue declared by Salva Kiir early this year.



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