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Can We Save This Nation?

By: Editors – In-Chief’s for The Upper Upper Nile Times,,

Southerners have been in a tragic war for more than four years since December 15, 2013, due to unsettled political conflict between Dr. Riek Machar, and Salva Kiir Mayardit. On August 2015 peace agreement in South Sudan, diplomatic missions had engaged the IGAD countries, IGAD special envoy to South Sudan, the African Union, United Nations, the Troika countries (Britain, United States and Norway) and the European Union to support the dialogue process, which was a perfect opportunity for us to improve our ability to bring ourselves up instead of bringing ourselves down. I am not urging that we should not have many political parties in order for us to keep the government in check if we really mean successful government, but there is a real great threat behind our back. President Kiir is a real impediment as his action has already shown that he is.  

There are some unacceptable things going on in South Sudan. Southerners had been consumed by the eager of leadership in which each and every individual need to be a leader. While each person come into this world with a specific destiny, therefore, any person has something to offer. But, one important thing people need to know is that tribalism, corruption, and bias will never be ended if we are not freeing up our minds from them.   These will always backtrack our success regardless the effort we put into something.  

For example, due to the government’s lack of openness and accountability, many Southerners’ frustration is leading them to conclude that parliament of Southern Sudan is the only remedy to South Sudan’s economic and leadership woes. In order for the parliament of Southern Sudan to represent all Southerners, and not just the self-interest elected officials and the president’s office, then Members of Parliament (MP) need to come forward and push for comprehensive reform and satisfy Southerners’ desire for transparency.  Parliamentary reform is an attempt to effect change by altering the interactions between elected officials and the rules that govern and guide these interactions. Therefore, introducing accountability and transparency into parliamentary practice must demonstrate commendable practices and procedures that directly serve the agenda of officials and their party while performing their committed service to the people whom they represent.

But for all these insane things happening to us it is because we Southerners were torn apart to death by Islamic Northerners, and treated badly the way no human being on earth had ever treated, which also implicated our way of life. It is never too late that Southerners ought to come up with concrete meaningful approach to build their own country through democratic way. I am a big believer that Southerners as a nation as well as like any other nations existing on earth, we can build our country. We can eliminate our own differences, by avoiding tribalism, as well as cleaning up the corruption we are in.  Most of all we can never ever allow Islamic Republic to enter into South Sudan Soil again. What this means is that we need to engage ourselves into trustworthiness behavior, point out our differences peacefully without killing ourselves because it would mean defeat to our enemy.

One important thing Southerners have acquired is education.  Education by itself is weapon of war, a weapon that, many of us can supersede our enemy about, which is the best opportunity and can keep us strong.  As the matter of fact, the world we are in, is not as perfect as the world we may want to be, there are some circumstances, but  those  circumstances should not  consume our power destiny because we  seen what we have faced. Through our careless act, we make South Sudan as it is now. It is our sure responsibility altogether if we want that country to be a country of hope, opportunity, and a good place to raise our kids.

One of the multi-faceted and comprehensive social issues in South Sudan is homelessness amongst the youth

Homelessness means living in abandoned buildings outdoor with unsafe conditions. Factors contributing to homelessness amongst youth in South Sudan are school-related issues, family dysfunction, poverty and need for more freedom.

I will narrate some of the quotes from Charles Ogletree to Obama when young Obama was at Harvard Law School. Charles Ogletree was Obama mentor at that time.

Charles Ogletree, the Young Obama mentor at Harvard Law School told Obama that, there are three important things to face in life.

First, Charles told Obama that you must understand that there are successes and failure in all walks, and you shouldn’t give up because of a failure – it’s a step toward success.

Second, Charles emphasizes to Obama that you must always recall that no matter how talented and gifted you are, someone else has made it possible for you to be where you are, and those folks should be thanked.

Finally, Charles points out that, as you climb up the ladder of success, keep the door open and lift others as you climb.

Homelessness amongst youth in South Sudan is an uprising concern. They are exposed to chronic poverty, violence, neglect, sexual and physical abuse, alcohol use, crime, drug abuse, social isolation and unemployment due to the pattern of life style. Together with this, it could be understood that the homeless youth are faced with conflict from their families, inadequate social relationships, and exposure to violence, abusive situations and criminal peers. Hence, the structural and personal aspects which lead to oppression to not allow adequate housing for youth must be addressed. This issue is quite critical for the South Sudanese society because youth is regarded as the future of a nation and if the youth itself is passing through the adverse situation then the future of the nation doesn’t seem to be too bright.      

One of the main reasons which result into homelessness amongst youth is family dysfunction. The young people are forced into homelessness due to family conflict. This initiates happen at the time when the youth fall through physical and emotional conflict with their parents. Some of the youth also tend to leave their home because of no or less support in terms of finance from their parents.

As southerners, we must be very mindful about the success of our children to ensure that we raise a generation that can lead this country instead.  We know that institutions are ran be young people, should our young people have necessary support from us, we then would be able to feel happy that we have raised a generation that will operate our institutions without fail.  

The progress of economic growth

The great commerce of every civilized society is what is carried for by the inhabitants of the town and those of the country. Let take for example, the crude for manufactured produce can be used for exchange of other goods instead money.  If we tend not to realize on others such as using pipeline through sudan, we can then install necessary equipment and distill our own crude all by ourselves.  That way, we can be our own providers instead because it could save us dues.  We supply our towns in many aspects.  

The gain of the town should not be seen as a loss of the country’s money since this gains imply that both are mutual and reciprocal, and the division of labour is in this, as in all other cases, advantageous to all the different persons employed in the various occupations into which it is subdivided.

For example in the mercantile system, a rich person or country is one with a lot of money. Attention was fixed on balance of trade, and domestic trade was ignored. Setting trade restrictions and giving regulators.  Such great power is dangerous. Trade restrictions function as a tax on the whole country is also dangerous. However, sometimes, these barriers may be justified in limited circumstances. Drawbacks have no benefit on the industry because of its natural level. It often leads to the fraud. Bounties are a double tax on public, and don’t serve the designed purposes. Subsidies also often lead to fraud. Price control and import preferences, which are designed to help the economy, are other forms of intervention.

The best way is to give unlimited and unrestrained freedom to farmer and merchants. The plenty of good land and liberty to manage their own affairs are the key to prosperity. Therefore the agricultural system suggests that national wealth and income equality is solely to the product of land.

This divides society into two groups: the proprietors of the land, the farmers and workers; however on the other side are manufacturers and merchants.

Proprietors contribute to the national growth through improving the land. Farmers contribute through their expenditures on husbandry, seed, livestock and the maintenance of farm workers.

Manufacturers, on the other hand, are the unproductive group, and they merely rearrange wealth. However, this view turns out to be the main error of the agricultural system. The agricultural system recognized that money is not the only wealth. Wealth retains in countries production, for example, defense, justice and certain public works, are the duties of the State.

The role of government

Defense, protecting the society from the violence or invasion of others, is the first duty of government. Protect people’s private properties in their own land is just as important as protecting them from their outside enemies. A civil government is required to preserve order and justice. Building and maintaining public works is the third role of government. Public works includes infrastructures that cannot generate enormous revenue, but benefit public at large.

The objective of those public workers is to facilitate commerce.  Specialization can have harmful effect on individuals. It sometimes limits innovation. The rich are more willing to pay for their children’s education. The poor’s children have to start work sooner. The society as a whole can impose the essential elements of education on everyone as a small cost. State also has the role to fund public expenditures such as the criminal justice system.

That will come to the taxation. People need to contribute in proportion to the income they got under the protection of the state and the taxes should be certain. It should be collected at a convenient time. And it should cost no more than necessary. Taxes on land require periodic reassessment due to fluctuation of rent. Profit is not a good object of tax, and tax on interest is not easy. Taxes on wages, individuals and goods tend to raise prices.

Public service financed through borrowing is a form of consumption. It costs the capital that has been built up within the country. When debts of the government grow, it puts a burden on the public, and makes it hard to maintain capital. Public debts are not simply a transfer from one place to another. States should avoid borrowing.

Government should allow freedom of the press instead of bias including social media

There have series of biases on SSTV since the outbreak of war up until today.  One thing important that the government of South Sudan should know is to keep media free of any censorship, or journalistic malpractices. The bias of media is a problem at the academic level and also affects the journalism as well as the country.

In case of political coverage, carefulness is need to avoid and nasty rhetoric, which set the tone to be maintained so that one is unable to judge the bias. The viewers must not be able to comprehend the news reported as positive, neutral or negative. Like- when Salva Kiir ordered Presidential Guards known as Mathiang Ayor (Dinka Militias) to execute any Nuer civilians on the street of Juba, South Sudan capital city from December 15th – 18th, 2013 and yet South Sudan TV stuck on saying there was a coup which was proof wrong by many South Sudanese civilians as well as international community.


For us south Sudanese, our focus should be concentrated on rebuilding or reforming weak institution instead standing with the government that does not provide services.  In every corner, Youth are the power base and can be cared for to ensure they have full potential to save the nation from sinking.  Proper support is needed for them in the area of housing, education, and strengthening of their capacity.  

Media is another power base and can be made free.  This shows that world is connected and such a global connection does not require media biases like what south Sudanese politicians have been practicing.  To be seen disseminating wrong information means poor representation of any set of institution.  It is very important that the government of south Sudan does not censor media for their personal interest.  


By : Editors – In-Chief’s for The Upper Upper Nile Times,,

Bayak Dak Guandong

Is Editor-in-Chief and managing director of The Upper Nile Times.

The Upper Nile Times is a parent company of and He can be reach at or

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