Saturday November 25, 2017

Brigadier General Lul Ruai Kong defected from SPLM in Opposition. Formed his own faction. Demand state of Akobo

NAIROBI – Rebels spokesman, Brig Gen Lul Ruai Koang has announced that he quits the rebels SPLM-i-O and formed his own military group.

Brigadier Koang, a well known rebels spokesman announced his defection in a press statement in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Lul in the press statement extended to the Upper Nile Times blamed SPLM-i-O leadership for his defection, saying the group lacks leadership and foresight to remove Salva Kiir.

“I have decided to move on from the movement of SPLM-i-O under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar because alot of things arent going well with the administration. There are enough fighters to fight for the cause of our people but there are no leaders to help the people of South Sudan to defeat Dictator Salva Kiir Mayardiit. My defection is not meant to join the government. I’m breaking away from the movement to follow the cause we initially started.” Brig Lul said.

Brig Koang announced that he formed a movement called the South Sudan Resistance Movement/Army (SSRM/A) to fight for what he believed as a cause of South Sudanese killed through lack of management by leadership of the ruling SPLM.
Lul announced his defection in Nairobi where he resided.

In his press statement, Lul and a group of people he called as Lou Nuer leaders, politicians blamed SPLM-i-O leader, Dr Riek Machar for “impossible demands, obstructing peace and making dangerous moves to make civilians fight for his own interest”. Lul also said that, his SSRM/A will directly negotiate with the government under Salva Kiir as a separate group. He declared that “his forces of SSRM/A” will not attack any forces of the government and will only fight in self defend. He accused the movement under the leadership of Riek Machar of harbouring support from the government of Sudan.

Lul said his aim is also to fight for the establishment of a separate state of Akobo similar to that of Greater Pibor Administrative Area under David Yau Yau.
Brig Koang comes from the same Nuer section of Lou as the current SPLM-i-O chief of Staff, General Gatwech Dual.
Lul had a gruesome media and administrative problem with another senior opposition figure, Mabior Garang de Mabior. The two were once at a collision course when an opposition website was established. Mabior denied the existence of the website while Lul acknowledged the existence of it. both men posted counter-claims disowning one another on social media and on publications. The bickering between the two didn’t stop and insiders believed that it might have contributed to Brig Lul’s defection from the movement he helped establish.
Lul in his speech in Nairobi said that he will go to Jonglei and establish his command there.





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