Sunday December 10, 2017

Apuk and Aguok community of Gokrial collected 2000 head of cattle to compensate their inter-clan victims

GOKRIAL – Warring tribal clans have agreed to settle scores and compensate victims of their wars by mobilising 2000 cattle yesterday in Gokrial.
Apuk community of Gokrial East and Aguok community of Gokrial west arranged a “blood compensation cermony yesterday to heal division and infighting between the two communities who have as recently claimed the lives of more than 70 people between them.
The 2000 cattle were collected by the rival communities of Warrap as a way to compensate the victims. so far, only 70 people have been mentioned for compensation which translates to 30 cattle per person killed according to Dinka customary laws.
Throughout the course of the two years ethnic rivalry, Aguok and Apuk of Warrap actually killed more than 100 in inter-clan fighting. The compensation was criticised by some government officials in the state yesterday saying it will promote revenge killing in return for compensation in impoverised places.



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