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Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu to visit South Sudan

(Credit: AFP)

JUBA – The , Benjamin Netanyahu is poised to visit South Sudan on Wednesday (Dec 7) for a bilateral talks with Juba government in areas of security and economic developments. 
The visit comes as a result of Likud party’s (Israeli’s governing party) interest in expanding ties for the first time with the ruling party of South Sudan in SPLM.
The Prime minister will on wednesday meet with the president of the Republic H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit in a private location, and later meet with with members of the SPLM political bear (or better known as POlitbro). according to the ministry of information, the Prime minister will also have a pre-arranged discussion with the leadership of the army wings and other personal. 
The visit by the Israeli Prime Minister is anticipated to only last for 24 hours after which the Prime Minister will then head back to Tel Aviv. arrangements have already been made today by the Security organs in Juba and more than 200 security delegates sent by the Israeli Government to secure the safety of the Prime Minister. 
Israel and North Sudan has been at horns over the support of Palestinian causes by the latter. Both Countries have no diplomatic ties nor cross ambassadorial relations. The visit by the Prime Minister is seen here as a new milestone and historic way of forging relation with the newly created Southern Government to counterpunch the negativities and cruelty sentiments by the regime in Khartoum towards the Tel Aviv.
The Upper Nile Times
Ali Sadig Farah: A Political correspondent for The Upper Nile Times based in Khartoum, Sudan