Monday December 11, 2017

Top South Sudanese music acts plan to stage a massive music concert in Pagak

Musician Kang J J (Photo: Kang J J official facebook page)

GAMBELLA – Top South Sudanese musisicans and entertainers in SPLM-i-O held areas are set to stage a music concert in Pagak, Upper Nile State to coincide with the political meeting and rally planned by the SPLM-i-O leadership in the middle of this month.
Duop Lul Biyan Aka Mono Duop the musicians chairman of all SPLM/A-IO areas said in a meeting yesterday that the plans for the concert are in final stages and that some of the top musicians in Upper Nile and musicians residing in Ethiopia are likely to attend.

“We have to work hard to enhance peace, love, Unity and practicallity to help our people displaced by war. we also have help our SPLM/A-IO fighters and booth the moral of the wounded soldiers. they have to know that we are here for them. we believe that music is one of the tools to win the war.” Mono said


Rapper Mono Duop

Rapper Mono Duop (left)

Duop did not disclose the names of the artists who have signed up for the concert so far. Ethiopia is currently a home to talented South Sudanese musicians like Duop Pur Duop, K-Denk, LTD among others. Kang JJ, another super talented South Sudanese musician and chart topper is also in Upper Nile, near Ethiopian border.



Times Wire Staff

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