Tuesday December 12, 2017

Top musician trades his microphone for AK47

Armed and dangerous: Kang J J in his deployment bases in Upper Nile State


PAGAK, Upper Nile – One of the revolutionary South Sudanese songs writer and artist, Fanan Kang John Jock, commonly known as Kang J J has decided to hang up his microphone and take up arms against Salva Kiir, accusing the South Sudanese leader of ethnic cleansing and running away from the causes the South Sudanese fought for more than 50 years for. Kang said that Kiir puts the country into tribal savagery and uses the country as a tool for domination by particular group of individuals.

Kang J J in his studio (Photo Credit: Kang J J)

Kang J J in his studio (Photo Credit: Kang J J)

Kang J J, a survivor of the Juba Massacre ( a systematic killing of innocent Nuer in December last year that resulted in the death of more than 15,000 people) said that he is forced to take up arms because he had no dignity left to sing for.

Kang in his recent concerts

Kang in his recent concerts (photo: Kang facebook page)


Kang recently put up a gruesome update to his fans on the social media explaining in a teary poem why he had to take up arms:

“I witnessed & still remember those days, the months & the year
When you massacred my dears
When you made thousands orphans & widows/widowers & let us shade litres of tears
You turned into a beast & made me choose a spear
You formed a naked army & made me choose what to wear
I have been & will always be with my dears
Unlike you, dignity & responsibility is all I bear
I stood up against your brutality & injustice with no fear
Though are too blind & too deaf to see or hear
your skin is not too hard & strong to resist a touch with spear
History will live to tell how me & my comrades changed the gear
Undisputedly victory is mine
Justice & accountability must come to stay for times” – Fanan Kang J J wrote.

Kang J J’s hit single “free at last” once dominated the air waves in Juba and other areas of the South Sudan before the crisis hit the nation last year.

His master pieces also include: Ci Mal Kua Mal, Wec e wey da, Mat Nuaari and candidate among others.



Kang went through an intensive military training for 3 months in the Opposition stronghold of Upper Nile. He’s said to have been deployed in undisclosed location around the state.
Kang said that he has no reason to put down his machine gun anytime soon until Salva Kiir is defeated altogether or surrender his leadership to someone with “no blood in his hands”. JJ’s decision of trading microphone with rifle surprised many given that many musicians are making huge sums of money singing and praising some leaders. He said the massacre of his people by the presidential guards of Salva Kiir made him to make that hard choice in defence of the existence of others who are left. He explained how he narrowly escaped death in the hands of the brutal Salva Kiir Militia in December last year before he moved to UNMISS for protection.



Philip Gual

An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.

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