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Kenyans On Twitter Are Too Much!

NAIROBI – Kenyans on Twitter can be too much at times. Vera Now Has The President Of Kenya Staring At Her Boobs! (PHOTO). I recently came across a photo that I have to share!

The photo plays on the recent admission by Vera Sidika via her social media accounts about her having surgically enhanced her breasts. The admission has everyone and their mother wanting to get a word in edgewise and I cannot understand why.

But I can understand why this is funny. Then again, I have been told I have a unique sense of humour… Nay, I just know what is funny before everyone else catches on. Anyway, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please:

And with that, I have had enough internets for the day! Goodnight world!


The Upper Nile Times

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