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Jeff Koinange Reveals How He & His Wife Struggled to Get a Child for 9 Years before Resorting to an Artificial Method

NAIROBI – Like any other normal couple, celebrities too struggle with infertility at times. And it’s not just everyday couples who undergo fertility treatment after struggling to conceive – high-profile celebrities chose to use IVF to become parents too.

Celebrated and multi-award winning TV journalist, Jeff Koinange and his wife, Shaila Koinange, did struggle for years to conceive. For 9 years, the couple struggled with infertility but used fertility treatments and welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby boy.

For the first time, Jeff spoke about his struggle with infertility and how he and his wife had trouble conceiving naturally and resorted to undergoing IVF treatment or artificial insemination. Because of their high profile careers and a stigma about artificial pregnancies, celebs often keep their problems with fertility, miscarriages, and IVF treatments a secret.

Last Friday, however, Jeff opened up on live TV about using IVF treatments and procedures to get a child.

“This story is not unique. In fact I ran into someone at Java on Valley Arcade and said, ‘What happened to you and your wife happened to me’”, explains Jeff adding, “Across Africa, I know a lot of couples who have had difficulties getting children, have gone through the stages probably similar to ours. Have tried many times and almost gave up even with IVF but hopefully I can give hope to people who have never heard of IVF…and maybe childless couples out there can go for that.

It is personal but hopefully it can help people!”


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