Friday November 24, 2017

The Power of Pressure that made South Sudan President Speaks

Donald Trump.Reuters/Dominick Reuter

JUBA – A very stun warning has been issued by Ambassador Nikki Haley, the United States high ranking official under the Trump administration, whom was made to deliver the executive message to Salva Kiir.  In the past four years, couple of warnings, attempted talks, and cessation of hostilities have been attempted, but miserably failed to take effect.  The regime in Juba has since been the power behind the failure of these initiatives saying they all are for regime change.  Without judging the worsening humanitarian situation, human suffering, and massive gross violation committed, the Juba Regime under Salva Kiir and his cohorts have engaged and continue to engage in these unbearable destructions causing death to fellow South Sudanese citizens and aid workers.

Whose responsibility is it? A blame usually cast by the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) as a mechanism to disenfranchise the situation as if it is not realistically a situation that befell their fellow countrymen.  These peoples lack moral judgment because theirs is a misconfigured clandestine ideology, and could not produce or amount to anything positive the nation could rely on.  They branded other tribes as if they are the only fine elders whose conscience can lay foundation for a better South Sudan, a believe full of fallacious judgment and condemnation of others’ way of thinking and contributions toward the nation we called Republic of South Sudan.

They are they who failed to vote or encouraged the generation they are killing today not to vote during the rapid campaign conducted prior to the plebiscite in 2011.  Do these people heed the call? Either lack of understanding or ignorance or lack of international understanding is at play here.  People that care about their interest know all fault lines and deviate away from such misconstrued ideology.  The JCE calls south Sudan a nation while maliciously unleashed the culture of banditry.  The JCE calls south Sudan a nation while the affairs discussed are only for a single tribe which reflect the very zeal of the dinkakleptocratic rule in disguise.  Are these people heroes/heroines we have been referring to years back?

No wonder why these people lost their titles in our society.  stop calling them politicians because of their ill intended plans they could have used for other things than to divide South Sudan.  They are villagers half way between the civilize people and the ancient village people who were very instrumental in ancient village affairs.  Thank goodness Jacob Akol hits the real point on his recent editorial article posted on his Gurtong site that titled: “Why The Jieng Council Of Elders Is A Disappointment.” The article narrated the importance of what this group could have done differently than to brand themselves a tribal group that only work for the seemingly best interest of the Dinka, which in fact, on the other way around turned to be their own group interest.

Why are they silence then? Their clandestine mind is poked and resorted to hiding instead of defending their ring leader whom they have been ill internationally advising for almost four years since the beginning of such war.   You can tell how shallow this group is.  You can tell that they are a bunch of cowards that amount to destroying the very social fabric the South Sudanese citizens have been enjoying.  Because they amount to nothing there is no way they could challenge the Trump administration’s pressure like children being advised in an angry tone by their father to not continue before he takes serious major on them.  Mr. President, don’t coil your tail without doing what you were told to do, just bring this peace as quickly as you occasionally mentioned.


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