Friday November 24, 2017

A Broken Nation

A segregation sign post used by UNMISS in Bentiu to separate Nuer and Dinka IDPs (photo: Washington Post)

MALAKAL – Many political figures that vehemently calling themselves prominent politicians have one way or another involved in a dangerous act of breaking the country.  The sense of nationalism that seemed to have been the political ideal for South Sudanese after their hard won struggle was shattered and made to hold no value any more.  The weak become the truth engaging intellectuals who keep pointing out the fault lines, but would immediately be subjected to tortures or killing by the government that, from its main copper, is occupied by a single family.  South Sudan, a nation that was midwifed by the United States, gain another political ideology farthest away from the very ideological principle it was nursed from.  The prominence of these politicians posed all kind of threats to the very zeal of our social, political, and psychological fabric as south Sudanese have become easy prey to many others including the northern South Sudanese, whom were thought to have had negative influence over the South Sudanese existence years ago.

Very pathetic! However, South Sudan needs a new path.  A path of righteousness and a conscientious being for it to move past its dangerous political misfortune.  The real nation builders needed to step up the effort of gathering themselves together wherever they may be to make sense of what is happening and how they could go about this mayhem in order that they bring it to an end, should be considered with high degree.  It is easy to watch and remain silence without contributing in solution focused conversation.  However, it is not easy to begin the action of rebuilding the fragile community that has been left to rotten to a level of no repair.  The silence by the main important stakeholders is a sign of us being left to struggle to be able to define our own path.  If we don’t quickly act, it is an open opportunity for those who want to scramble for unmanned resources that are easy to exploit.

To avoid that, our people are suffering, and our rich story is suffering.  We, therefore, can stand together against the dictatorships in Juba to bring back our zeal and earn our very trust that has been shattered.  Our multi-ethnicity is our richness; and therefore, it should not be left to be destroyed by Salva Kiir and his cronies who only care about their bellies.  Unite sooner and take it back to save our broken nation.


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