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EDITORIAL: Juba Massacre THREE YEAR ON. Three Days of Slaughter

Remembering The Juba Massacre: A Nation Torn Apart by the Blood of the Innocents

Three Years Ago…..

EDITORIAL – In just Three days, December 15th, 2013, more than 20,000 people of Nuer ethnic origin were slaughtered in Juba, South Sudan capital by President Salva Kiir’s Presidential Guards or also known as Mathiang Ayor (Dinka Militias) from the ethnic Dinka extremists. They were targeting members of the minority the equatorial community, as well as their political opponents, irrespective of their ethnic origin.


While massacre is taking place, not everybody got the word unless you are a Presidential Guards (Dinka Militias group formed by the president Salva Kiir). Their heavy tanks and armours were roaming around the street of Juba. Whether through a senior directives or not, the guards often ask their prey in Dinka language: “eyien nga” which simply translates as “who are you?” or they will demand to see your ID to verify whether you are a Nuer or not. Some presidential guards in most cases shout “Kill The Nuer.” The world was brought to a standstill in just THREE Days after more than 20,000 ethnic Nuer origin are believed to have died. That number is nearly half the population of Nuer in Juba.


No theme is more deeply embedded in Nuer History than being refugees in their own country. The return of South Sudan from exile in the year 2005 and their independent in 2011, and the then “The Killing of Nuer” people in their homeland from December 15th to December 18th, 2013 left a huge thorn in their heart and forced them to defend and join the rebellion in their thousands.

Why did the Dinka Militias (Presidential Guards or also known as Mathiang Ayor) want to kill ethnic Nuer and how was the massacre carried out?

With meticulous organization lists of government opponents were handed out to Dinka Militias who went and killed the Nuer, along with all of their families. Neighbours killed neighbours and some husbands even killed their Nuer wives, saying they would be killed if they refused. At the time, ID cards had people’s ethnic group on them, so Dinka Militias set up roadblocks where Nuer Civilians were slaughtered. Thousands of Nuer women were taken away and kept as sex slaves.


Why President Salva Kiir is so savage?

The Dinka extremists set up radio stations and newspapers which broadcast hate propaganda, urging Dinka Militias to “kill The Nuer.” Presidential Guards, House to House Search, and their Shout, “Kill The Nuer” war strategies. The names of those to be killed were read out on radio.

It is America under Obama administration allowed the massacre to unfold in Southern Sudan. President Obama would be on national interest only instead of Southern Sudan that the U.S. helped to created and gain it independent in July 2011 and him (Obama) seemed to him that Southern Sudan is remote from U.S. interests.


“An eternity from Bol John”

“Bol J heard an approaching. By their shouts and songs “Kill The Nuer”, he was sure they were Dinka Militias. As the mob (Militias) surrounded the house, the Pentecostals (mixed of Bari, Dinka moderate etc) shut up like croaking toads whose ponds have been invaded.

The image of Kuol and Deng loomed in his mind. Bol J was so afraid that he could not pray anymore. Bol thought about standing up to flee, to deny his two best friends the joy of finally killing him. But before, as if the whole earth belonged to them, did not move, even to defend themselves, Bol calm down. It was just as well, because when Bol stretched his leg a bit he realized that he was still too weak to stand.

Bol waited for the door to burst open, for his best friends from Dinka to rush in and kill him. Bol waited for their torches to fill the darkness with momentary light that would be followed by the eternal darkness of death. The Dinka Militias seemed to have gone past the house and run farther into the other houses. Bol breathed again, and after some time Bol heard footsteps in what seemed to be a corridor next door. Listening hard, Bol picked up the low but unrelenting whispers of them saying let get the last one. They actually sounded closer to him now than earlier ecstatic prayers had. Bol thanked God again that he had not moved when he first heard the Militias.

Bol was still trying to figure out where he was when the Militias came back, it’s chants louder and its numbers greater than before. When the leader of the Mathiang Ayor (Dinka Militias) demand to see the owner of the house (the owner of the house is Bari of Central Equatoria), Bol almost fainted.

The leader of Dinka Militias shouts, “Quick, bring out these Nuer”. “You hided them,” he continued.

“I got nobody in my house,” the Pastor said.

“One last time, we say bring them out.”

The pastor who have a courage had once more time reply, “I say, I have nobody in my house.”

The leader of the Dinka Militias (Mathiang Ayor) accuse the pastor of hided the Nuer people in the house. Say you ‘re one of them (South Sudanese)”.

President Kiir Speaking:

Speaking in Dinka in his hometown AKON, President Salva Kiir told his Dinka audiences, “This power which I have belong to you. You fought and died for it and now some people want to snatch it from me… will you accept it?” “Aci ba gam” meaning we will not accept, shouted the people back. He concluded by the same praise used by his Militias “Kill The Nuer.”


EDITORIAL: Two Year On. Remembering The Juba Massacre South Sudan:

Juba Massacre THREE YEAR ON.Three Days of Slaughter

Remembering The Juba Massacre: A Nation Torn Apart by the Blood of the Innocents


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