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DANIEL AMUM: Open Letter to the United Nation Security Council

When will Sanction and Arms embargo take place?
The United Nation Security Council, United States of America and international committee had been sing the song of sanction and arms embargo for long especially in related to the case of South Sudan. It seems that biting drama was meant to pressurize the warring parties to sign Compromise Agreement to end criminal and baseless war, which was waged to accomplish personal ambition and for establishment of Empire to certain tribe, in order to dominate public and political affairs in South Sudan on illusion claimed that they were liberators as if they were only community that shed precious blood in destructive war between North and South.

The Government reservation in the Compromise Agreement had surface clearly this days: first after signing the agreement and annunciation of cease-fire, the government continues to send barges and boats loaded with soldiers and weapons to terrorize its subjects in Upper Nile State. That was clear indication of violation of cease-fire, which they declared to worldwide.

They were supposed to stop the movement of armies to different locations after cease-fire, but they never respect what they proclaimed, maybe they thought world is blind and not watching on them, forgetting that the world is small village, for what happening in any corner can be known within a minute.

Second, when the South Sudan government lost its barges and boats to Opposition Forces, they brought in gunships using cluster bombs to bombard western side of Malakal town, which are populated by civilians, who were forced to evacuate ghost town to villages areas for safety such Tonga, Watjwok, Lelo, Detang and Waw Shilluk. As result of intensive criminal and cruel bombardment carried out by mercenary Ugandan, the survival people from Malakal massacred were compelled again to desert those areas to run into bushes for their dear lives.

Certainly the hunger, thirsty and animals will accomplish the government elimination project, because Chollo is not wanted people to live, for the South Sudan Government wanted only land to be occupied by the president Kiir community.

Third, the Government moving it forces to Lelo and Detang, may means runaway people will have no access to water.

In fact those notorious SPLA soldiers were kidnapping civilians around UNMISS Protection Base in Malakal and murdered them in daylight, and then in remote areas what will they do with runaway people? I think the answer is the cleansing.

In case the United Nation Security Council wished to save remnant people from barbarous Government of South Sudan, they must implement the sanction and arms embargo on South Sudan government and Uganda Government respectively because Uganda was the one that support president Kiir to kill it own citizens. Indeed, no logic to treat symptom of disease without eradicated the disease, the disease is Uganda and the symptom is the Salva Kiir.

The United States of America must accept the blame that their winning child called Salva Kiir had became more disobedient, and should recalled how many times he lied to them and never did anything to correct his silly behaviors. Despite the crimes he committed in broad daylight America government continues to support him. In this case are you not part of such crimes being committed by your wild child?

Recently, “Secretary Kerry spoke with President Kiir and expressed concern regarding recent cease-fire violations,”a senior State Department official said. “President Kiir confirmed to the secretary that he is committed to the implementation of the peace agreement and the cease-fire.” United States of America must ensure southerners that the imposed incompetent president had real change his attitude, for people are fate up with empty promises. In this moment you shouldn’t be mislead by president Kiir signing of the Compromise Agreement, because Kiir still killed it subjects in Upper Nile State.

Indeed, I wonder how come Kerry underscored that the United States would work to support the implementation of the peace agreement and continue to provide humanitarian aid. And president Kiir never changed his ideology of elimination of certain communities in South Sudan.

To confirm that Kiir is not serious, you could observed that from the speech given by vice president James Wani Igg, when he reiterated that the government must drop out reservation for sack of peace, and he stressed that the government never done a lot to ensure the peace, because are some group didn’t want peace. He gave this remark in Labor ministry when they were launching smart card for foreign workers in South.

Another example, the United Nations has confirmed that helicopters carried out attacks in western Upper Nile State on Wednesday, as earlier reported by the SPLM/A-IO rebel group.

In press statements, the rebels said that they were attacked by government helicopters at their bases on the west bank of the Nile, near the state capital Malakal. Do United Nation Security Council needs more evident to convict or imposed sanction and arms embargo on the South Sudan Government?
Stephane Dujarric, the Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, commented on Thursday, “In response to questions that were asked at the briefing on the situation in South Sudan, I can say that the UN Mission (UNMISS) is reporting that two attack helicopters were firing rockets in the direction of the west bank of the River Nile in Malakal in Upper Nile State yesterday.”

“Heavy explosions, including mortar shells, as well as heavy artillery and small arms fire were also heard coming from Malakal towards areas located on the west bank. UNMISS also reports instances of firing in Malakal earlier today.”

In conclusion United Nation Security Council must take swift decision against the government of South Sudan not just condemning them in strong term as usual. The shallow minded people need action not words for they never listening but they just see by their eyes.

The United States of America must pressurize their merciless president called Kiir to implement the Compromise Agreement or face consequence of being out of leadership by all means.

The America people shouldn’t forgot the people of South Sudan in hearts, for whom they toiled and support to gain the independence that was hijacked by selfish leaders.

International Community and friends to people of South Sudan, we are aware that you have contributed so many resources, facilitate and even you danger the lives of your own people for sack of devastated and destitute people of South Sudan. But the truth of matter is this, pouring in resources without challenging the chronic problem is just waste of resources, times and energy, which will not give tangible result.

By Daniel Amum

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  • Amum, i am just suggesting, before sending your open letter to UNSC, try to be watchful to your wording ( grammar). yes, you start your argument in a good way but lost on process. my advise to you is that, after you have written, give it to a friend to prove read it otherwise, challenge the government or Kiir as individual and not Dinka where he comes from.