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President Kiir Orders SPLA to withdraw from Heglig As SAF Claims Victory
Ali Sadig Farah
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KHARTOUM – On Friday, Sudan Defense Minister, Abdelrahim Mohammed, has announced on state television that Sudan Army Forces (SAF) have retaken the main town in the Heglig oil region 10 days after South Sudanese troops or known as Sudan’s People Liberation Army (SPLA) seized it.

"Our troops were able to liberate Heglig town by force, and captured it at 2:20 pm (1120 GMT) today," he said on state television.

"The troops moved towards Heglig carefully so as not to destroy what remains of the infrastructure," he continued.
"Our enemy suffered heavy losses in people and equipment," he added.
Hussein and Bashir are wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the crime against humanity and genocide they committed in Darfur Region.

On Wednesday, Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese President, has called the government of South Sudan and its leaders a movement of "insects".

Sudanese Defense Minister’s announcement came shortly after South Sudanese President Salva Kiir ordered the immediate withdrawal of his troops from Heglig, following the international criticism.

UN secretary General Ban Ki Moon called the SPLA occupation of Heglig “illegal act.”

Information Minister Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin readed the statement from the president that said, "the Republic of South Sudan announces that the SPLA (Southern army) troops have been ordered to withdraw from Panthou [Heglig]"
Sudanese troops launched a renewed counter-attack late Thursday with air strikes hitting SPLA entrenched along the front line, Southern army spokesman Philip Aguer said.

"There was fighting on Thursday evening, SAF (Sudan's army) was advancing, and they were beaten," he said, adding he had no reports of fighting on Friday.

The Upper Nile Times

Author: Ali Sadig Farah
Post : April 20, 2012
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