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Will Anger and Blood Strengthen South Sudan from Outside Scramble?

This photo taken Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2013 and released by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), civilians fleeing violence seek refuge at the UNMISS compound in Juba, capital of South Sudan. Less than three years after its independent (Credit: UNMISS)


UNT – The people of South Sudan with all their cultural myriad by nature and without exception are inherently hostile and equally have passion to endure harsh conditions emanated either from internal or external factors.

This has been tested and proved when south was an appendix of North Sudan during the last fifty years. Strangely enough our own kin and kith who suffered the same volume of hatred and subjugation are applying this fascist behavior on us today.
After two years of independence, a notorious gang led by Tilar Deng Ring, Aleu Ayien Aleu and Michael Makuei Lueth emerged on the political platform employing thuggry tactics to silence opponents and mussel the press. They were intoxicated with power and bend to purge SPLM from elements perceived apparently as anti system.
Interestingly enough this group has succeeded to manipulate and convince Salva Kiir who swiftly lost no opportunity to launch a campaign of terror coupled with systematic elimination of innocent citizen from Nuer origin who in their view were serving as bulwark against their mounting lust for power.

Dr. Riek Machar and his fellow Nuer community were accused however of consistency in their drive to sabotage and obstruct a scheme of monolithic society of which Kiir and his supporters retain power for many years to come.
The magnitude of damage is immense following wanton destruction and killing of many innocent lives in Malakal, Bantiu and Bor. The task undertaken by Kiir and his cronies to downplay and erase the crime committed from public memory is daunting. Kiir’s administration left no stone unturned to make its version convincing and overriding.

Desperate of attracting support which was not forthcoming even from the circles of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS); Kiir’s officials pressed hard to defy the international community by accusing UNMISS of siding with Dr. Riek Machar and his group, thus opening another sour to take the war of attrition this time to the international grounds.

IGAD members have already shown fatigue and lost of appetite to continue on end without any tangible progress. Some of its members are already disgusted with clandestine tactics of outmaneuvering one another on war front. But, IGAD kept on hammering by exerting pressure on Kiir’s government to release the four detainees. A step viewed by observers that it would pave way for peace and national reconciliation.
Although, the infamous detainees are facing court trail in a bizarre proceeding; Juba however, kept on changing mood while flexing muscles to defy any quarter daring to intervene and challenge the wisdom of its leadership.
The unfolding drama at the high court in Juba unveiled so far lack of credible evidence that might lead Justice James Alala Deng and his team to pass maximum sentence as requested by the Chief Prosecutor James Mayen against the remaining four SPLM leaders who were charged with treason.

However, if this proves a real kangaroo court, then all speculations about what might happen next would be certain. Kiir is unpredictable; on many occasions, he displays ruthlessness in appearance. He does not give a damn to proceed with his ill intention to eliminate his staunch opponent. This is certainly, sending chock waves to many international circles. It shows also the fear dominating many minds on the streets of Juba and all over South Sudan?

The last round of trail however produced two principal witnesses, Maj. Gen. Thomas Duoth Guet of External Security and Gen. Akol Koor Kuc of Internal Security, both have testified alleging personal conversation with some key suspects who in turn provided credible information about plans to outs Kiir the following day.
According to Maj. Gen. Duath Guet that Gen. Oyay Deng invited him to his house and in the course of conversation he told him quote: ” tell the chairman that we will take on him tomorrow.”

On hearing such a scenario, the Chief Security officials have had every opportunity to take necessary measures immediately as required by their mandate to stop and keep plotters at bay, before causing serious damage that would have wider reverberation, but instead they had ample time to report to their boss who in turn kept this details closer to his heart before revealing them later as an attempted failed coup!

Does this private conversation on friendly bases rise to the level of conspiracy to deserve such humiliation and expenditure for court procedure? Were Oyay and colleagues sober when they discussed with the Security chiefs about their plans? And how many people would have been seized and prosecuted because of such utterances being made daily on the streets of Juba?
I believe that many fellow countrymen and women would agree with me that Oyay Deng Ajak, Pagan Amum Okiech, Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth and Dr. Majak D’ Agot, including Dr. Riek Machar, Taban Deng, and Alfred Gori Ladu are not stupid to send warning signals in advance before staging a coup that would destroy and claim many innocent lives.

Staging a coup attempt to outs a dictator like Salva Kiir in the manner being narrated in the court would surely carry high cost to settle. The Judges responsible for this high profile case are in trap and must watch out carefully not to be seduced by Kiir and his gangs who have already demanded maximum punishment. This is a test for the independency of judiciary system in South Sudan and it would remain a case to be seen.

Those who plan for coups normally do that in absolute secrecy and the information shared between coup plotters is always concealed even from love ones, leave alone revealing them to colleagues or friends. It is a top secrete, and discharged most of the time at one’s own risk.

Most often plotters target certain strategic areas such as presidential palaces, radio and TV stations, airports, and other vital installations as a criterion for a credible coup to have taken place. But, in our case here, non of these above mentioned facilities was under threat, besides, there was no any body among the accused of masterminding the plot including Dr. Riek Machar was spotted or seized putting on military uniform with smoking gun.

All the key suspects have reported as taken by surprise, because the unfolding events were so quick and bewildering. Suspects lives have been seriously threatened if they could have had not taken risky decision to swiftly quit Juba in disguise.

Whether President Salva Kiir has regretted his unnecessary onslaught or not, is beyond the scope of this article. But, the fact that his senseless war against comrades of yesterday which was not justified; has cost the nation already thousands of innocent lives and diversion of millions of US dollars to war efforts of which a number of neighboring states pledged to enter the fray.

Salva Kiir however, is not any longer in charge of military affairs because he kept on inviting foreign forces to prop up and protect his ailing regime from imminent collapse. In addition to Ugandan forces, he secured agreement with the government of Sudan to protect oil installation. He managed recently to convince IGAD to deploy East African Deterrent contingent to intervene and monitor shaky agreement on the cessation of hostility. He managed also to sign military pact with Egypt to join the rest in the scramble for natural resources of the poor people of South Sudan.

This without any doubt concludes that Salva Kiir is determined to reduce South Sudan to rubble as long as he survives to preside over the name. He is not worthy to stay any longer in power, he has no clean or safe pair hands to secure and protect South Sudan from regional and international greed.

If Kiir does not quit quickly, there is genuine fear that South Sudan would turn into another Somalia with many warlords’ pockets in every corner. It will also look like the Central African Republic or even Congo, which were thoroughly devastated and looted by foreign governments in the name of keeping peace and territorial integrity of member sovereign states.

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Gwado J. Ador

The author is a contributor for The Upper Nile Times and a concerned South Sudanese, he can be reach @

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