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The Cracking Salva Kirr’s Regime

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir addresses a news conference at the presidential palace in Juba, Dec. 16, 2013, after clashes between rival factions. (Credit: Reuters)

UNT – It is so pleasing to notice the most brutal South Sudan People’s Movement/Army with its undemocratic policies such as dominance, repression, subjugation, terror, expansion, occupation, lawlessness, insecurity, discrimination, favoritism, tribalism, nepotism, poverty, corruption and underdevelopment which dictator Salva Kirr once declared that it will rule South Sudan for another 100 years whether people like it or not, is cracking down at high speed from both internal resistance and external factors that there’s no for the government to survive this time around.

Internal resistances

The once united SPLM/A Juba split into three factions in which the SPLAM-I- Opposition posed as the major transformational group among the parties which earned it an overwhelming grass root support from all over the country because the group have clear vision and proposal for the current and future national crisis that might arise.

Every now and then, there’s constant defections among discontented South Sudan army together with most of their army generals which enable SPLAM-I-Opposition rebel movement acquired almost 70% of South Sudan government national army , making it difficult for the tribal government in Juba to keep status quo as usual as it is accelerating its downfall.

University lecturers strikes due to months of unpaid salaries, the student protest about examines in Warrap State,  and other similar people’s strikes seen throughout the country, indicated that things have gone out of control for the government  to ignore or to pretend  as it is affecting the system as it unable to prevent it from declining.

Reckless firing and hiring of government officials as a way to unjustly punish officials suspected to be not loyal to the government and rewarding the ones claim to bring the situation in order, is not helping dictator Salva Kirr terrorist government from rapid decline either.

Youth resistance against land grabbing in every corner of the country mostly in Equatoria region that badly affected by the land issue, have challenged Juba regime since they are on high alert and standby to strike anytime to breakdown the SPLA/M Juba into pieces anytime from now.  The recent decree issued for repatriation of IDPs and their cattle came late that it is futile to resolve Kirr greed desire for power for life.

Its hired foreigners troops like UPDF have been proven the most weakest in the world military to keep dictator Kirr in power and are now they are trapped in the Valleys, Mountains, Rivers, and forest of our country unable to find their way out from the mess they put themselves in while at their homes countries more challenges are waiting them to tackle than maintaining Juba regime from collapsing.

All the political parties are not in agreement with the collapsing regime because it is  not respecting, considering, appreciating, their, positive contributions, to help resolve, SPLM/A party internal crisis as well as to bring peace for the good of all in the country.

The economy of the country has collapsed beyond repair and most foreign investors or traders have left the country for their safety and because of no economy gain or profit making which attracted them in the new country from day one.

External factors

Diplomatically, the Juba government bogus claim about coup, have finally been proven a big lie not only by the western world countries but even by its ally Uganda.

The mistreatment and murder of foreign none governmental organizations such as UN and many other small organizations make matters worse and it has convinced international community beyond reasonable doubt that the government in Juba is run by irresponsible and “rotten to core” men the world have ever witnessed in the history.

To make things worse, the regime has failed because of its poor decision made by its unqualified officials including president himself to foolishly wage war against the super powers that is feeding them and their citizens because they forgot that even the Ugandan troops helping regime cannot exist without the support of these powers.

Sanction means arm embargo, travel restrictions, and freezing of all looted assets robbed from the state during Kirr reign of terror and that also means the end of the world has arrived to all governments official whose survival dependent on stealing and killing of innocents citizens since they are not only going to be broke but are going to retire in jail at the Huge for their rest of their lives.

So, with all these resistances from all the direction both from home and abroad, how can dictator Salva Kirr think he turn the situation around in his favor to enable him to slaughter people in peace like he has been doing in the last 10 years failed his regime? Only fools, who have not seen how past failed governments with similar crisis in the world’s history collapsed.

It is time for all peace loving South Sudanese nationalist to abandon Juba government to Kirr family, relatives, and his outdate Dinka Council of Elders and join their brothers and sisters in struggles for us to end the suffering of our citizens once and all.


Laku Modi Tombe

He is contributor to the Upper Nile Times


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