Monday December 11, 2017

South Sudan Must Not Agree to the Four Freedoms Demanded by Bashir’s Machinations of Turmoil

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and Defense Minister Muhammad Hussein during a Popular Defense Force rally in Khartoum in March (Credit: Reuters)

UNT- For over 50 years, Sudan was used by Kuwait to grow their own food crops partly due to its small size. If Kuwaitis could have set aside some lands for Agriculture, where would their people live?
So, it is common sense to figure out that they needed Sudan’s lands for their own survival.

Since Sudan gained her independence from the Anglo-Egyptian Administration, South Sudanese have been battling the Khartoum government to get self-determination and thus avoid the wraths of marginalization.

The North Sudanese, on the other hand, have been claiming that they only wanted to Islamized the whole Sudan and allow all populations of Sudan to worship Allah under the star banner of the Islamic Republic of Sudan.

If their intention was to Islamized the whole country becoming one people of Muhammadan, how come that the people of Darfur rose up in revolt against the whims of marginalization and neglect in 2003?

My own guts tell me that they wanted to clear the non-Arab people out of Sudan and use the lands to extract our resources, grow crops for their Muslim brotherhood and settle Palestinian Refugees and some Middle Eastern drifters in our stolen lands.

The four freedoms of Rights that South Sudan and North Sudan are anticipating to sign into an Agreement on the Status of Nationals of other States are as follows:

  1. Freedom of Movement;
  2. Right of Employment;
  3. Right of Ownership;
  4. Right of Residency;

Once the borders are open between South Sudan and North Sudan, it might just create another excuse for North Sudanese to rush into our doorsteps and create yet another venomous turmoil in our own backyard.

North Sudanese have been known to have an enormous appetite to do business where ever they go and if they are given the chance to go freely to South Sudan, they are bound to flare up a gargantuan business atmosphere on our doorsteps.

And what do we get in return for this?

Nothing, except settling in deserted areas on the outskirts of cities like Khartoum, Wad Medani or Kassala. If the South Sudan decided to go to North Sudan to look for job opportunities, they are bound to be subjected to the racist and discriminatory treatments of the past.

On the other hand, we don’t want to severe the untapped potential of our entrepreneurs by giving away business opportunities to the North Sudanese because some of them might be holding successful business records from North Sudan. The potential of our entrepreneurs might be lost forever without even giving it a shot.

Furthermore, highly skilled unemployed North Sudanese might come to South Sudan looking for jobs and that might create joblessness for our fellow South Sudanese. North Sudanese could buy up large chunks of land that they might use to settle their Muslim brotherhood from the Middle East, not only that, they may use South Sudan as a foundation to stage yet another war against us.
Everywhere Muslims go, they are bound to be followed by terrorists, it is as if, all Muslims are preachers of these suicides mission themselves. If there are really good citizens in the Islamic world, how come they let these heinous acts go unnoticed?

We don’t want South Sudan to be a terrorist hub, where they can organize and spread out through our cracks to ravage the innocent citizens of the world. If we allow them to do that in the first place, are we sure we are going to be safe ourselves?

Another false claim that is going around in the Islamic culture is that they claim that all people who are non-believers and believers of other faiths are unclaimed, meaning they have no faith and it is the duty of the Islamic world to bring them over to the true faith.

North Sudanese in our communities might sprung up as thorns in our flesh because they might continue to think as they have had in the past that we are inferior and that they are supremely-crafted specimens. But in reality, no one can look twice into the history of North Sudan as people you can look up to for aspiring life lessons because you can’t say barbaric acts such as cutting someone’s hands for stealing or stoning a woman to death for adultery are true replication models of success.

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The Upper Nile Times

Apioth Mayom Apioth

Is a contributor for The Upper Nile Times. Apioth Mayom Apioth is a concerned South Sudanese citizen from Jonglei state and he is currently living in Tacoma, Washington state, USA. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from The Evergreen State College Olympia, Washington.

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