Monday December 11, 2017

SIRIR GABRIEL: It’s Our Priority to Educate the Children

CAIRO – The number of children who do not get excess to schools in my country is as much as the number of young children living on streets today, South Sudan politicians have no interest in empowering and encouraging them to go school as it’s done in different angle of the world.

While I was there back home before the crisis of the present day in south Sudan, little boys and girls are found almost everywhere in Juba city loitering and working as shoe polishers, sellers of boiled eggs, walking along these dirty roads selling groundnuts and also as bus conductors. Instead to be busy attending their classes my brothers and sisters are working harder to keep our leaders smart and nothing, absolutely nothing is being done to this hopeless kids.

Where is child right?

It’s the right of the child to go to school and if his or her parents are incapable to afford their school fees, it’s the government role to create policies for free education in the country not to watch them spoiling and becoming irresponsible children.

We cannot keep looking at our boys and girls in the hot sun of Juba polishing our shoes, selling us boiled eggs, watching our cars, and selling us groundnuts and we continue to smile and keep silent as if we are giving birth to Goliaths and Sampson. That is too ridiculous.

South Sudan is as fragile as a rats infested house, the educational system in our young nation is completely poor and weak and nothing is being done about this obvious abomination by the ministers concerned. Very unfortunate.

We cannot often keep taking our children to our neighboring Countries .e.g. Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and among others; for just a mere basic primary foundation which can be done in our country by our domestic teachers. This is ignorance.

Our children needs proper care and guidance, they should not be encourage to continue to be men and women of their own………. No they are kids and they needs our supports so that they will develop interest and concentration to love their books.
South Sudan needs millions and millions of graduates so as to eradicate this chronic illiteracy in our country South Sudan.

I have spoken my words and may gods of the land hear my voice…………………….

NOTE: The views expressed herein do not represent those of The Upper Nile Times

The Upper Nile Times

Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

Is a contributor for The Upper Nile Times. He lives in CAIRO. He is Acting Chairman of SPLM-Youth League in Egypt-Cairo

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