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PETER BINZA: What do you want to see, peaceful co-existence or Blood conflict?

By: Peter Kumboruno Binza
YAMBIO, South Sudan – Reference to report produced by The Upper Nile Times , Jan, 16th 2015 that members of Dinka Community condemned the statement made by Colonel Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro, Governor of Western Equatoria State during a conference organized in Mundiri to mitigate hostilities between cattle owners who invade Western Equatoria from lake state, Yirol, Bor and the native of Western Equatoria State inhabiting Greater Mundri Counties.

Hundred of farms have been destroyed by cattle, pastoralists have killed innocent people and looted properties from citizens. Indeed the State Governor has the responsibility to protect the citizens and their properties from aggressors and that was the content of the message of the Governor during the Conference. Very unfortunately reading through the reactions of some members of the Dinka Community it is provocative thrilling and dreadful and it makes someone to think about the way we are going to live in the Republic of South Sudan and it is for this reason I am obliged to air my opinion.

1. Any sound minded person cannot Condon the killing of numbers of innocent people. The negative reaction of Dinka Community has not gone down well with the people of Western Equatoria.

2. MPS from Mundri in the National Assembly blamed Governor Bakosoro for he did not invite them for the conference; Governor Bakosoro’s reaction to the blame is justified and I quote “when a Snake enters your house you are number one to raise alarm”; that is correct. The conference was being organized in Mundri to address a contentious issue affecting the life of the local population in Mundri which is their constituencies; the MPS should have been in the forefront to contest for the welfare of their voters

3.Dinka Community leaders: when Col Bakosoro blamed Dinka Community leaders for their lack of control on their youth who do wrong to the other Communities it is correct because in non Dinka Communities when the youth intend to do wrong elders stop them from doing it. The second which is the biggest mistake is to associate this statement with President Salva Kiir. I would like to inform all South Sudanese citizens that President Salva Kiir was elected by all the people of South Sudan to lead them in the new Republic of South Sudan; he is a national leader not a tribal leader and it is therefore wrong to associate him with the reckless and arrogant behaviour of people who loot cattle from somewhere and come to hide them in Western Equatorial State.

Conclusion (1) South Sudanese citizens from all region of the Republic of South Sudan must embrace the new nationality we have acquired through our struggle. We are South Sudanese citizens regardless our ethnic background. We have travelled the long journey together. Although when under Khartoum regime we were living in tribal co-federation we depended on one another especial when people felt there was something wrong they united their ranks and fought for their right- that is how we survived Khartoum attempts to insubordinate the people of South Sudan

(2) In the same way we need to strive to build the Republic of South Sudan a civilized nation. For those members of some ethnic communities using the social media to instigate ethnic tension or to just emphasize tribal supremacy they are doing harm to the present administration of Salva Kiir in particular and to the Republic of South Sudan as a whole. To my opinion this are the people who are trying to weaken the administration.

(3) Why did the people of South Sudan voted Salva Kiir? During the movement it was not certain that South Sudan would become Independent but when Salva was in charge of the interim period he restored South Sudanese confidence and hope for an independent South Sudan. The people of Western Equatoria considered him as Mose of the Old Testament that God chose him to lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt. And so did Salva. It is for this reason that the people of Western Equatoria State do support him regardless the insults, Injustice and mistreatment they have been since independence until now.

Please! Learn how to live in harmony with people of different ethnic background



Times Wire Staff

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