Sunday December 10, 2017

AYIIK CHOLDIT: No More five years for Mr Kiir’s regime needed!

Enough is enough, Kiir regime has looted the Country for ten years and the South Sudanese people as we know and they have failed to delivers the services as welfare, security and cohesion to the citizens. They have turn down Garang’s plans and make their own interest. ‘TAKE TOWNS TO PEOPLE’ as take services to the rural areas as it been plan by Dr John. They are many to talk about it because the plan is now taking away resources from the people. It was reported that Mr. Kiir will be in power until 2018 or beyond and then retires, that compromise though understandable is overtaken by what appear to have Mr. Kiir firmly in the State House forever. Something furtive behind the extension of president term as it been passed by national assembly for more three years plus other secret two years because Mr. President want more years not to build the Nation but to make his own coinage.

All the events tell us something closer to that plan because there are some occasions that show us the interest of the citizens that Mr Kiir is better than Dr Riek but not better though.  It is a question to all viewers, what does it mean to our people if Gen. Kiir goes beyond that period?  How will South Sudan will be in the next three to five years with Kiir’s regime? The leaders of their own pockets will be more far from Communities and drafting up the policies of their richness. Gen.Kiir supporters must be mindful about the feeling of others. No one hates the personality of Gen. Kiir but unqualified driver should not be always behind the steer wheel. President Kiir was not a good driver since 2005 but he was guide by the CPA documents how to push the nation to this stage of blind spot.


The South Sudanese people should think where they are going, it is now unknown direction. We have to air-out our feeling as citizens of the Republic of South Sudan that the regime has lost it control for the nation and the authority have eaten their sincerity.

Gen. Kiir you have already took our acknowledgement as you are Joshua after Moses death, but the citizens wants you to retire peacefully and allow us to give the chance to the others new faces. Corruption and tribalism would be left there as history because our next President will not be corrupts or tribalized. He will be reachable president and he shall be closer to his people. South Sudan as Nation will be shine by fine touch of our beloved President H.E Gen. Pagan Amum Okeech Nyibil.

H.E Gen. Pagan will lead our Country as our next president and he will fulfil our needed as the Visionary leader. Our government under the leadership of Mr Amum will be the best government in term of management and deliver the services to the citizens.

Please Gen. Kiir, Please Dr. Kiir, please President Kiir, go home in peace! (GHIP).

Your name and your place will be there respected as one of the Nation founders. God will bless you for the next few years to come while relaxing at your palace; you will be honour like others as our hero. We have some individual who are a beneficiaries of Gen.Kiir’s power, in fact those who are busy selling Gen. Kiir name for re-elected offer. They are there to kill the others unless the situation should remain that way. Some of them are right there for reading and they have already froth and frown against everyone who’s questions the status under President Kiir leadership. For sure Gen. Kiir wasted no time either because he had taken advantage of 15 December bloody month. Those of two SPLM members doesn’t have hope for coming back after elections, If people have heard them the make a good move in August house as MPs because they would be stay in the parliament for their own benefits.


South Sudanese (Junupbian), look at the progress of the peace talks between SPLM in Juba vs. SPLM in Opposition and the mediators or IGAD. Some of the government officials are just telling the false information about the peace talk that shown we are not together.

Everyone knows very well Gen. Kiir is the historical leader who brings down the Sudanese flag in 2011 and raises the South Sudanese flag at the same time, we knew him, he is the one! People of South Sudan are waiting to Mr vice President to do some jobs for SPLM members yet Mr Vice President has do nothing but he talk about his own stories. I want to tell South Sudanese that Mr Wani is just a comedy not a leader. People need to know that Mr Igg is just like to talk about funny thing that could not change anything ever, either in the party or in the government which they lead. I have no doubt that Mr Wani is a good follower and comedy as well. Let’s go to work after fan. Gen. Igga it’s your turn to make some changes that needed and let it be that big. Start your work within your party to united members. We don’t need your party to take war as party choice when the time of elections is about to come.


It is not bad if the party can change its policies to let old folks of the SPLM get rest or go home and gives chances to the young Stars of the party, people like, Gen. Nhial, Gen. Amum, Gen. Oyai, Gen. Mamur, Gen. Oath, Gen. Bior, and Gen. Pieng. Dr. Majak, Gen. Cirilo, Gen. Aloor, Gen. Wilson, Gen. Malong, Gen. Gier, Gen. Malual, Gen. Ajongo, Gen. Malual Ayom, Gen. Malual Majok, Gen. Chol, Gen. Jok and more generals. Those guys are always together even at this time they are good to themselves, although some of them were not arrested during chicken war. Just wait 2020 to see when the tiger retire, only one of them will run for presidency and the rest will be a supporters to him/her as their party flag bearer.

It is good for the South Sudanese to blame the government or those who are in power, GOSS officials and  the SPLM  members as ruling party for failing the Country and it could be change  if the ruling goes against us. “Lead to peace and not to useless war”


The author is a Law Student from Victoria University, Australia, majoring in Bachelor of Criminal Justice Administration. He can be reached at

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