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The Birth of a Nation: Revisiting the Saturday memories and promises

BENTIU – July 9th is the day the continent’s 54th state and United Nations 193rd Nation was officially pronounced and christened as the Republic of South Sudan. The birth of the Republic of South Sudan brought several dignitaries across the globe to witness the creation of a new state.
The birth of the republic of South Sudan will cause significant changes in the structures of the regional and international organizations. The East African Community (EAC), African Union, and the United Nations (UN) will experience convulsive political changes.
The Saturday’s celebration had every pundit run out of all the adjectival descriptions. The event was full of glamour, with South Sudanese singing in jubilation for the independence however some tears evoking instances were inevitable. The march of the wounded heroes and heroines reminded us of the painful struggle we have gone through but still we console
ourselves that they did not lose parts of their bodies in vain for they have brought us the
Republic of South Sudan. The president of the republic of South Sudan was sworn in on this occasion and in his speech he never hesitated to praise our fallen heroes and heroines who did not celebrate with us today. 
The celebration is the result of sacrifices made by our people who are not with us today including the founder of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement(SPLM) Dr John Garang De Mabior, said Kiir. The president delivered an extraordinary speech; he said the SPLM led government will have no excuses for not delivering services to the citizens of South Sudan. 
He also reiterated his zero-tolerance principle to corruption by referring to corruption as a cancer that shall be gotten rid of with ultimate commitments. However, he urges the citizens to understand the limitations of the government and the unlimited nature of human wants.
The challenges are enormous and shall not be overcome within the shortest time possible. He sent a strong message to the people of Darfur, Nuba Mountain and Blue Nile that ” we have not forgotten you, when you cry we cry and when you bleed we bleed as well”. 
This is a message of solidarity. He said they will do everything possible to resolve outstanding issues to avoid returning to war. The most complicated issues include border demarcation, Abyei, the popular consultations for the people of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile. The president gave a promising speech addressing the changes that need to effect urgently without more dilly-dallying. The president granted amnesty again to those who took up arms against the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) for reasons best known to them.
The US envoy to United Nation, Susan Rice, gave a very encouraging speech with words that will linger in the minds of South Sudanese for ages. She delivered the congratulatory message from the US president Barack Obama. Rice gave the assurance that the people of the United State of America will standby you and will help you on how to overcome the challenges ahead. She said indeed there are enormous challenges awaiting you but should not get perturb, you only need to approach them with the same revolutionary zeal with which you won this battle for independence. She also said the United States of America recognizes independence of Republic of South Sudan.
Other dignitaries like the United Nations Secretary General; Ban Ki Moon, the representatives of the European Union (EU), of the Arab League and the African Union respectively (AU) issued congratulatory messages to the people of the Republic of South Sudan. All the five permanent members of the Security Council have recognized the Republic of South Sudan. 
The speech of the Norwegian Prince wouldn’t go without being acknowledged not only because of it encouraging content but also of the long established ties between the people of South Sudan and the Norwegians through the aides channeled to South Sudanese during the difficult times by Norwegian peoples’ aid (NPA). Even the president referred to them as ”friends” of South Sudan since time memorial.
The Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki gave brotherly speech. Kenya is one of our brothers who have hosted us during the struggle period. Credits to the East African Countries for the hospitality they have shown when we were in dire need of assistance. 
Our ties are unbreakable because of the help you have given us; educational knowledge is an invaluable aide that will help South Sudan recovers from the ravages of war. Across the ten states of South Sudan the event was marked with cultural dances, display of military hardwares as I witnessed in Unity state capital; Bentiu. 
The crowds thronged the Bentiu independence stadium which carried thrice it capacity with gun shots from all corners of the town defying the orders from the governor of Unity State Brig Gen Taban Deng Gai that no one should fire a single bullet. People were overwhelmed with excitement to the disregard of the orders. The celebrations runs in to it third day in Unity state with the local artists rocking the town with liberation songs. Among them was Nyajuok, Kang JJ, M2K and many others.
In conclusion it was a big day for the South Sudanese everywhere after a long history of struggle that cost us lives and treasures.
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