Monday December 11, 2017


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South Sudan will disintegrate into ...

South Sudan will disintegrate into factional warlordism – Museveni wa...

KAMPALA – Ugandan president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has send a stern warning that war in South Sudan will disintegrate the country a part and create more factional leaders similar to what happened in Somalia in 1990s if the rival leaders within the SPLM do not reconcile quick enough. Museveni... FULL STORY »

UGANDA denied having urged South Su...

UGANDA denied having urged South Sudan rebels to drop their demands

KAMPALA – A Ugandan senior official has categorically denied recent reports that President Museveni has told the SPLM in Opposition leaders on a recent visit to Uganda that asking for more executive powers on the government of Salva Kiir is a huge demand and a redline to the peace... FULL STORY »

President Museveni met SPLM in Oppo...

President Museveni met SPLM in Opposition delegation

KAMPALA – Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has on Thursday met with the senior officials of the SPLM in Opposition to discuss peaceful means to resolve the conflict in South Sudan. The meeting organised by the Ugandan presidency through its Ugandan Peace Support initiative is one of the... FULL STORY »

Fierce fighting in Southern Somalia...

Fierce fighting in Southern Somalia leaves 55 dead

MOGADISHU, Somalia — At least 55 people have been killed on Saturday in a deadly battle between Al Qaeda-affiliated Al shabab militants and Somalia’s Jubbaland militia backed by Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF), residents said. Al Shabaab militants in fighting vehicles have  re-taken... FULL STORY »

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Kiir arrives in Addis Ababa for peace talks

ADDIS ABABA – The president of South Sudan, Salva kiir Mayardiit has this afternoon arrived in Addis for another face to face talks with the rebel leader, Dr Riek Machar.  The... FULL STORY »

Dr Peter Adwok Nyaba joins the SPLM in Opposition, appointed as Chairman for SPLM operatio...

ADDIS ABABA – One of the SPLM’s most senior member, peter Adwok Anyaba previously in house arrest since December 31, 2013 in Juba has decided to to join the SPLM in Opposition... FULL STORY »

MSF: No Surgery Operation in Unity State

BENTIU – Violence in hospitals and the destruction of medical facilities are denying medical services to many of South Sudan’s most vulnerable people in Bentiu (the Capital city... FULL STORY »

Rebels and IGAD mediators trade blames over collapse of peace talks

ADDIS ABABA – South Sudan rebels also known as the SPLM in Opposition and IGAD mediation team in Addis Ababa are at loggerheads over who to blame for the collapse of peace talks... FULL STORY »

Museveni brushes off any chances of Ugandan troops withdrawing fr...

KAMPALA – Ugandan President Yowei Museveni has today brushed off calls by some members of IGAD states and international community to withdraw his troops from South Sudan to give ceasefire... FULL STORY »

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