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The United Nations blames regional ...

The United Nations blames regional leaders division for the failure to end ...

THE EAST AFRICAN: The director of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Mr José Graziano da Silva, said the South Sudan warring factions were exploiting the divisions among the Inter-Governmental Authority for Development (Igad) leaders. Mr Graziano said in a statement issued by the UN... FULL STORY »

London attack: What we know

London attack: What we know

By Associate French Press   London – Six people were killed in a terror attack in the British capital on Saturday when a van smashed into pedestrians on London Bridge before three assailants went on a stabbing spree. The trio were shot dead by the police at the scene. Here is what... FULL STORY »

Trump’s Order 13768 and How It’s Ge...

Trump’s Order 13768 and How It’s Getting Rid of Visa Holders & Immigra...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE myImmigrationAttorney.com Contact: Amanda Berkshire San Diego: (619) 677-5727 Email: ab@Worldwide-Press.com SAN DIEGO – Immigration Expert Steven Riznyk Comments on Trump’s Order 13768 and How It’s Getting Rid of Visa Holders and Immigrants Who Have no Idea it... FULL STORY »

26 Somalis die of starvation as Hol...

26 Somalis die of starvation as Hollywood steps in

MOGADISHU – Radio Mogadishu has reported that at least 26 people have died of starvation in Somalia’s southern region of Jubaland, in the past 36 hours. The government-owned radio station said regional interior minister and drought committee chairman Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein had announced... FULL STORY »

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PRESS RELEASE: JMEC declare their Juba office as operational

Juba: JMEC secretariats have declared that they have fully resumed work in Juba after many weeks away from south sudan. read the press release... FULL STORY »

UN appointed a most feared Netherland General to i...

UNMEDIA – The Secretary-General today announced the appointment of Major General (retired) Patrick Cammaert of The Netherlands to lead an... FULL STORY »

New Scientific studies offer new hope for HIV/AIDS pati...

WALL STREET JOURNAL:  Policy makers and researchers have been struggling to stop thousands of teenage girls and young women in Africa from becoming infected... FULL STORY »

Ethiopia will deploy to south sudan as soon as next wee...

Gambella – An ethiopian General in the border town of Gambella has disclosed that his country is ready to deploy the IGAD intervention forces to South... FULL STORY »

The Future of Journalism in Africa

TheSTAR – In early 2016, ninety journalists at daily newspapers across Canada lost their jobs. At broadcasters, the story was no different: at least 600... FULL STORY »

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IO military officials in Unity state demands the release of James...

BENTIU – South Sudan’s armed faction of the IO has demanded the immediate release of James Gatdet Dak, the SPLMIO chairman’s spokesperson before they set the plane in their custody... FULL STORY »

Nuer Community Development Service in the United S...

NEBRASKA – In a strong worded letter seen by the Upper Nile Times today November 11, 2016, and signed by Simon Khot Hoth, the Secretary of... FULL STORY »

18 Kenyan students to commit suicide this month if Obam...

NAIROBI – President Obama’s first visit to Kenya, the birthplace of his father, become a sensation among Kenyan. In May, Felix Kiprono, a lawyer in... FULL STORY »

500,000 Kenyan Women Sterilized

NAIROBI – Catholic Church released a report stating approximately 500,000 women may never bear children after being injected with a contaminated tetanus... FULL STORY »

International NGOs Appealed to Regional Leaders to End ...

NAIROBI – A coalition of international NGOs called on regional leaders and donors to redouble efforts to push for a lasting peace agreement that can... FULL STORY »

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South Sudan

More Resignations are Underway as another Brig. General Deserted ...

JUBA – In a move that shook the SPLM-IG, it is now confirmed that Salva Kiir’s regime’s life span is short live.  a short while ago, many South Sudanese high ranking officials were... FULL STORY »

More elephant killings in South Sudan casts doubts...

When a few months ago 15 elephant carcasses were found, their tusks cut out, questions were being raised about South Sudan’s commitment to... FULL STORY »

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Ugandan Tribal King Arrested Over Deadly Clashes Kill 55 People

KAMPALA – Ugandan police stormed the palace of a tribal king and arrested him Sunday, November 27, after fierce clashes between security forces and a separatist militia they believe is linked to... FULL STORY »

16 arrested SPLMIO media team still in detention a...

JUBA – The 16 recently arrested media team of the splm in opposition have not been released as the National security services announced and still... FULL STORY »

Machar’s arrival in Juba pushed to April 18

PAGAK, South Sudan – The leader of the SPLMIO and First Vice President Dr Riek Machar will not come to Juba on 12 of April as requested in the timetable of... FULL STORY »

Warring field commanders to arrive in Addis Ababa on Th...

ADDIS ABABA –  South Sudan’s warring field commanders are summoned to show up in Addis Ababa on Thursday to begin the implementation procedure of... FULL STORY »

Kiir to arrive in Addis Ababa tonight after security as...

JUBA – South Sudan’s government made a surprise u-turn to allow Salva Kiir leave for Addis Ababa after immense pressure from IGAD and international... FULL STORY »

Also on Africa

Famine-Wracked South Sudan Now Wants to Charge Aid Workers For Help

FP – South Sudan is wracked by unfettered violence, ethnic cleansing, and famine. But now the government wants to charge aid workers $10,000 to operate in the country. Officials in... FULL STORY »

UNMISS Slams the Decision by the Council of Ministers that the Deployment of the Regional ...

JUBA – On a press statement seen on UNMISS website by the Upper Nile Times correspondence today, the spokesperson for the UNMISS force deliberated on the statement made by the council... FULL STORY »

Machar Congratulates the ANC on the Commemoration of its 105 Anniversary

JOHANNESBURG – The former First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan and the champion of the Compromised Peace Agreement signed on August 17, 2015, which was abrogated on... FULL STORY »

SPLMIO: No single general defected to Kiir regime in Pagak. Just street gangs camouflaging...

Pagak/Upper Nile – South Sudan’s SPLMIO dismissed recent reports of defection in their stronghold area of Pagak as fake and media propaganda. The movement said the story was... FULL STORY »

Sudan’s Defence Minister Vow to Enter South Sudan if Juba Doesn’t...

Khartoum – Sudan’s defence minister fired a warning shot at Juba on Saturday calling for an immediate expulsion of Sudanese rebels from South Sudan territory or else. “Sudan will go inside... FULL STORY »

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