Saturday March 25, 2017

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Kiir Disolves South Sudan States Es...

Kiir Disolves South Sudan States Establishes 28 States to “Decentralise” Th...

JUBA – Newly established states in a decree by Lt. General Salva Kiir Mayardiit today (with their new states capitals in bracket). The Opposition SPLM-IO see the newly established 28 states by leader of SPLM-JUBA faction Salva Kiir as copycat of their plan of 21 states in would be federal... FULL STORY »

East Africa: Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda ...

East Africa: Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan Readies to Stem Crime vi...

DAILY NATION – Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan have now moved closer to firming a common SIM card registration system as they move to curb rising crimes perpetrated through mobile devices. Regulators and information communication and technology ministers of the four countries met on... FULL STORY »

Government appeals for deadline ext...

Government appeals for deadline extension beyond August 17

ADDIS ABABA – South Sudan Government’s delegation to the peace talks in Addis Ababa have asked for further extension of deadline beyond the proposed August 17, Upper Nile Times was told. The regime’s negotiators cited the bulkness of the document for the extension saying a lot of... FULL STORY »

Commissioners reaffirm their allegi...

Commissioners reaffirm their allegiance to the SPLMIO leadership

Pagak – Three commissioners of greater Maiwut reaffirmed their commitment to the SPLMIO leadership saying that nothing would divert their way even if the recently relieved generals decided to rejoin the government. Speaking to the Upper Nile Times yesterday in Maiwut, the commissioner of... FULL STORY »

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Defection rocks Malong Awan family as son in law joins the SPLM-IO

NAIROBI – Angok Arthur Akuien Chol, the son in law of the SPLA Chief of Staff, Gen Paul Malong Awan has joined the SPLM in Opposition in a first defection to rock the Awan... FULL STORY »

2 arrested and VP Wani Igga among the list of the money laundering suspects within the pre...

JUBA – Chief Administrator in the office of the President of the Republic and an executive Chief Executive serving the president were arrested this week in a major money laundering... FULL STORY »

Pagan Amum arrives in Juba in a SPLM reunification effort

JUBA – Former SPLM Secretary General, Pagan Amum Okiech arrived in Juba today to discuss with the leadership of Salva Kiir ways of putting the Arusha agreement of the SPLM into... FULL STORY »

Over 100,000 People in South Sudan to escape fighting and food shortages

GENEVA – The UN refugee agency on Tuesday reported that heavy fighting over the last two months in South Sudan’s Unity and Upper Nile states has displaced more than 100,000 people... FULL STORY »

Obasanjo promised to publish AU commission of equiry report ̶...

PAGAK – General Olusegun Obasanjo, the former Nigerian president and current chairman of the African Union commission of enquiry on South Sudan conflict has promised that the pending report on... FULL STORY »

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