Wednesday April 26, 2017

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16 SPLMIO media team arrested and s...

16 SPLMIO media team arrested and severely tortured by National Security Se...

JUBA – South Sudan’s national security (NSS) and militias allied to the government have today arrested about 16 media teams belonging to the SPLM in Opposition in a move that put a huge dent to the viability of the peace agreement recently signed by the warring parties in the crisis hit Eastern... FULL STORY »

Thousands of SPLM-IO Supporters Sta...

Thousands of SPLM-IO Supporters Stage Huge Rally Welcoming Advance Team in ...

PAGAK – Tens of thousands of SPLM – IO supporters in Pagak gave General Taban Deng Gai and his team a rock-star reception, cheering and dancing as the team were landing in Pagak, SPLM – IO Head Quarter. The rally is one of the biggest meetings of Pro-Democracy enthusiasts in the... FULL STORY »

President Kiir Announced 28 States ...

President Kiir Announced 28 States Governors

JUBA – Source in Juba disclosed to The Upper Nile Times that President Kiir announced 28 States Governors.  The move comes at which time both the government and the opposition in Pagak are gearing up for full implementation of the Compromise Peace Agreement.  The advent of the Advanced Team... FULL STORY »

SPLMIO’s Advance Team Will No...

SPLMIO’s Advance Team Will Not Go to Juba This Friday as Security is ...

PAGAK – “The first batch of the advance team will not arrive in Juba tomorrow ” as expected. SPLMIO leadership in Pagak cited lack of security guarantee from Juba for abrupt cancellation. The new date, according to the Chief Negotiator Gen Taban Deng will soon be communicated as... FULL STORY »

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East Africa: Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan Readies to Stem Crime via Phones

DAILY NATION – Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan have now moved closer to firming a common SIM card registration system as they move to curb rising crimes perpetrated through... FULL STORY »

Government appeals for deadline extension beyond August 17

ADDIS ABABA – South Sudan Government’s delegation to the peace talks in Addis Ababa have asked for further extension of deadline beyond the proposed August 17, Upper Nile Times... FULL STORY »

Commissioners reaffirm their allegiance to the SPLMIO leadership

Pagak – Three commissioners of greater Maiwut reaffirmed their commitment to the SPLMIO leadership saying that nothing would divert their way even if the recently relieved generals... FULL STORY »

HRW: Troops Under President Salva Kiir ‘Crushed Civilians With Tanks’

BENTIU – South Sudanese government troops crushed fleeing civilians with tanks, then reversed to check they had killed them, carried out public gang rapes and burned people alive, a... FULL STORY »

Gen. Gatdet Yak’s son lured and killed outside UNMISS compo...

BOR – Official from the opposition confirmed the death of the elder son of general peter Gatdet Yak who was killed outside of the UNMISS protection camp in Jonglei state’s capital Bor. Yak... FULL STORY »

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