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Military Governor, Major Gen. Sadda...

Military Governor, Major Gen. Saddam Chayout Manyang Offered Maiwut County ...

MAIWUT – The leadership of Major General Saddam Chayout Manyang yesterday, January 20, 2015 had a consultative meeting and concluded that Maiwut County will, from today, be offered as the seat of Provisional Government. The resolution comes days after 21 States under Federal Democratic... FULL STORY »

UN-OCHA: AIDS – Related Death...

UN-OCHA: AIDS – Related Deaths Are on the Rise Among Conflict Affecte...

NAIROBI – The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA) has warned of looming rise of Aid related death in conflict affected states in South Sudan In their new report, the organisation said that majority of the people who are living with HIV-Aids in the... FULL STORY »

Ugandan traders losing businesses i...

Ugandan traders losing businesses in South Sudan

JUBA – The ongoing civil war has taken a huge toll on foreign businesses. Many traders who had been doing booming businesses in South Sudan are now regretting the current political dispute in south Sudan that have forced them to leave the country and abandoning their luxurious businesses due... FULL STORY »

Bill passed but Kenya still in dead...

Bill passed but Kenya still in deadlock over controversial ‘anti-terr...

NAIROBI , Kenya — Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has on Friday signed in a controversial “anti-terror law” that has drawn a criticism from local human rights organizations and the opposition party. On Thursday, the parliament has passed the controversial security bill following a... FULL STORY »

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Bentiu Captured by Rebels

BENTIU – The rebels allied to the former Vice President, Dr Riek Machar Teny have claimed capture of Bentiu town this evening from the government forces. Gen Makal Kuol, the... FULL STORY »

Tribal conflict spiral to Kakuma camp as one person feared dead

KENYA – Nuer and Dinka South Sudanese refugees in Kakuma camp, Kenya fought last night after a Dinka man, believed to be in his 20s raped and abandoned a Nuer girl who according to... FULL STORY »

Salva Kiir agreed to share power with Riek Machar – Senior Opposition figure

NAIROBI – IGAD leaders from Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia who convened a one day summit in Juba on the 22nd of October said that Salva Kiir agreed to share power with Opposition leader... FULL STORY »

Somalia: Radio owner and Journalist accused of incitement released on bail

MOGADISHU, Somalia –The Federal Government of Somalia has released on bail two Journalists who were accused of incitement and false reports against the national security, a lawyer... FULL STORY »

Presidential decree: Telar Ring to Russia, Garang Diing Akuong to...

Juba – the presidential advisor on legal affairs Mr Telar Ring Deng was today appointed as an ambassador to the Russian federation through a presidential decree read out on the State owned... FULL STORY »

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