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Armed Resistance against Juba is In...

Armed Resistance against Juba is Indispensable

Press Release Dear Reader’ The condemnation of the decision of the SPLM-IO leadership call for resistance against the government of the SPLM by the State Department has fallen in deaf ears and taken away by the wind. This decision for armed resistance against the SPLM-IG is the popular... FULL STORY »

Nuer Community in the US Rejects an...

Nuer Community in the US Rejects any Meeting with and Denounces the Illegit...

NEBRASKA – In a strong worded press release seen by the Upper Nile Times correspondence today September 20, 2016, the Nuer Community Leadership in North America has rejected and denounced any attempt by illegitimate First Vice President Taban Deng to have meeting with Nuer Communities.  The... FULL STORY »

South Sudan’s embassy in the ...

South Sudan’s embassy in the UK closed over rent arrears. Ambassador ...

London – South Sudan’s consulate was forcibly closed on Friday after the premise owner called the police last week over a dispute on rental arrears of more than 4 months. The male owner of the premise (whose name is withheld here as the case is going to London courts) called the police... FULL STORY »

The SPLM-IO under Dr. Machar Held a...

The SPLM-IO under Dr. Machar Held a Youth Conference, Saturday September 3,...

EDMONTON – With the theme: “Strengthening our Unity while working for reform, reclaiming back the identity & nationalism, and mobilizing resources” the conference drew various SPLM-IO leaders including the community leaders who are serving in the City of Edmonton and Calgary.  Among... FULL STORY »

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Didinga & Buya Community in North America Condemned the Barb...

BUDI COUNTY – The killing that took place in five towns namely: Ngatuba, Bohorora, Chareet, Locioto and Ngauro villages shocked the entire community of Didinga and Buya across the United Stated... FULL STORY »

Hon. Gatwech Peter Kulang Cautioned High Registrat...

JUBA – A strong worded letter extended to the Upper Nile Times cautioned the RRC not to charge the National and International Organizations... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Army Chief of Staff is Militarizing Juba

JUBA – In a move that left many to speculate about the future of peace agreement, the Upper Nile Times has received concrete information that... FULL STORY »

LEAKED: List of 45 Jieng (JCE) elders that masterminded...

Juba – Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders or JCE are a group of elders originating from Dinka ethnic group. The group was formed in 2013, according to its... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Humanitarian Bulletin Issue 4 | 28 March 20...

Following clashes in the south of Mundri West County in mid-February 2016, humanitarian partners managed to deliver food in Bari on 27 February and an... FULL STORY »

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Government Militias, Lake State Youths attacked Mayandiit county....

BENTIU – On Monday morning the armed men from Lake State and SPLA/Juba faction attacked one of the counties in Liech state.Mayandiit county which is located in Southern part of state came under... FULL STORY »

The Republic of South Sudan
South Sudan Relief and...

For Immediate Release Press Release PAGAK – Statement from SPLM/A – iO, Executive Director, Humanitarian Affairs and SSRRA, Pagak, South... FULL STORY »

The international rescue committee for Red Cross or ICR...

MAIWUT – The acting county health  director(CHD) Mr. Buay Girwath Dojiok tell this newspaper yesterday on the phone  that the county health department... FULL STORY »

Upper Nile: UN official visit IDPs sheltered at UN prot...

MALAKAL – Moustapha Soumaré (The United Nations Deputy Special Representative for South Sudan) visited UNMISS in Malakal today. Soumaré met with local... FULL STORY »

Skirmishes between rival Juba factions in Malakal force...

Upper Nile – UN peacekeepers and civilians protectorates in Malakal have disclosed that more than 4,600 IDPs have arrived at UNMISS to seek protection in... FULL STORY »

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We will storm Juba anytime if IGAD can’t act quick enough – CDR Koang

JUBA – In a major sign of a possible all out war, a senior SPLMIO military General has sent out a stern warning that his forces will have no option but to storm” the national... FULL STORY »

General Taban Deng Gai Fired from SPLM-IO

JUBA – A reliable source has told the Upper Nile Times that General Taban Deng Gai, who is a Mining Minister and as well the Chief Negotiator for the SPLM-IO, has been fired from the... FULL STORY »

‘Lost girl’ returns to South Sudan to find hundreds slaughtered

CBCNEWS – Rebecca Deng, who fled to Winnipeg in 2005, back in South Sudan to start women’s centre A South Sudanese woman who fled to Winnipeg a decade ago says she’s in shock... FULL STORY »

Salva Kiir Orders His Force to Pursue Dr. Machar in their Hideout

JUBA – A reliable source from within the military ranks of South Sudan Government has secretly informed the Upper Nile Times about a recently executed plan by President Kiir Ordering... FULL STORY »

A Peace Mission to Juba turned Hell

JUBA – Tongyik, a member of Advance Team sent to Juba for Peace Implementation Process testified that “the parties to the peace negotiation have truly failed us.  We sacrificed our lives in... FULL STORY »

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