Sunday April 30, 2017

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The ‘mother’ of South Sudan Calls f...

The ‘mother’ of South Sudan Calls for President Kiir to Step Down on Upfron...

South Sudanese politician Rebecca Garang, widow of SPLM founder John Garang, tells Upfront on Al Jazeera: • President Kiir has caused a “manmade famine” • “All of us, as the leaders of South Sudan, we did not lead our people properly.” • “Our leaders are using the name of their... FULL STORY »

More Resignations are Underway as a...

More Resignations are Underway as another Brig. General Deserted Salva Kiir...

JUBA – In a move that shook the SPLM-IG, it is now confirmed that Salva Kiir’s regime’s life span is short live.  a short while ago, many South Sudanese high ranking officials were confined and allowed not to have any say about the country affairs.  Now that the foreseeable tribal... FULL STORY »

South Sudan’s Minister resign...

South Sudan’s Minister resigns and defects to opposition. casting dou...

JUBA – A South Sudanese Senior Government Minister resigned from his position further casting doubts on the viability of the Transitional Government of National Unity run by President Kiir and FVP Gen Taban Deng Gai. Lt Gen Gabriel Duop Lam was a Law Enforcement officer in then Jonglei State... FULL STORY »

Calls For Resignation of Festus Mog...

Calls For Resignation of Festus Mogae gathers storm as experts call him ...

JUBA – South Sudanese Opposition group, the SPLMIO has been calling for weeks the resignation of Festus Mogae, the chairman of JMEC and custodian of the South Sudan Peace agreement viewing him as an obstacle to the resuscitation of the peace agreement brokered last year by IGAD and Troika... FULL STORY »

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Armed National Security officers confiscated computers at Supreme...

JUBA – 16 heavily armed men dressed as National Security officers caused a huge standoff on Thursday at the Supreme Court, forcefully demanding to enter the office of the Chief Justice and... FULL STORY »

UNSC authorises UNMISS to use maximum force agains...

NEW YORK – UN Security Council in a new mandate to UNMISS ordered the UN force in the country to use any maximum power to prevent sexual... FULL STORY »

Opposition Supporters Rubbished National Dialogue witho...

MELBOURNE – The SPLM-IO supporters across the world rubbished the national dialogue echoed by illegitimate President, referring to it as meaningless. ... FULL STORY »

A Convoy of Government Soldiers going to Maridi to Atta...

MARIDI – Heavy fighting involving 14 trucks full of government soldiers ordered to clear SPLA-IO forces in Maridi yesterday at 8:00am, were destroyed... FULL STORY »

Yei, South Sudan Becomes a Ghost Town

War comes to Yei: South Sudan’s Safe Haven no more New attacks by government and rebel forces in the city of Yei in South Sudan have prompted fresh calls for... FULL STORY »

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‘Lost girl’ returns to South Sudan to find hundreds s...

CBCNEWS – Rebecca Deng, who fled to Winnipeg in 2005, back in South Sudan to start women’s centre A South Sudanese woman who fled to Winnipeg a decade ago says she’s in shock after... FULL STORY »

‘New York Times Published an Incorrect Article on ...

FP – “The New York Times South Sudan Op-Ed That Wasn’t” This week, the New York Times published an op-ed purportedly written by... FULL STORY »

Malong offered 15 bulls to SPLMIO forces in Juba

JUBA – SPLA’s General Chief of Staff, Paul Malong Awan has offered 15 bulls to the SPLMIO forces cantoned around Juba “as a gesture of peace and... FULL STORY »

16 SPLMIO media team arrested and severely tortured by ...

JUBA – South Sudan’s national security (NSS) and militias allied to the government have today arrested about 16 media teams belonging to the SPLM in... FULL STORY »

Thousands of SPLM-IO Supporters Stage Huge Rally Welcom...

PAGAK – Tens of thousands of SPLM – IO supporters in Pagak gave General Taban Deng Gai and his team a rock-star reception, cheering and dancing as... FULL STORY »

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Measure Military Defection hits Salva Kiir’s Camp

PARIANG – A measure military defection from Salva Kiir’s military ranks and files have hit Division Four in Pariang, Unity State on Sunday January 7, 2017.  The defectors under the... FULL STORY »

Machar Congratulates the ANC on the Commemoration of its 105 Anniversary

JOHANNESBURG – The former First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan and the champion of the Compromised Peace Agreement signed on August 17, 2015, which was abrogated on... FULL STORY »

The Top Rebel Commander Allied to Dr. Lam Akol Killed

RENK – Multiple Sources from Upper Nile State disclosed to Upper Nile Times today the news of Gen. Yoanis Okiech, a Commander allied to Dr. Lam Akol who spearheaded the attack against... FULL STORY »

Gen Tany Ginye killed along with his 2 sons. Gen Okiech wounded and narrowly escaped

KODOK – One of the South Sudan’s fearsome warlord and veteran of numerous battles, Gen Gatwech Chan popularly known as Tang Ginye was killed today in a fierce battle with the... FULL STORY »

UN: ‘Ethnic cleansing under way’ in South Sudan

Fighting between government and rebels has seen deliberate starvation, gang rape, and the burning of villages. A UN commission on human rights in South Sudan has said a steady process of ethnic... FULL STORY »

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