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General Taban Deng Gai Fired from S...

General Taban Deng Gai Fired from SPLM-IO

JUBA – A reliable source has told the Upper Nile Times that General Taban Deng Gai, who is a Mining Minister and as well the Chief Negotiator for the SPLM-IO, has been fired from the movement. This move emerged after discovering that General Taban has been having link with Salva Kiir Mayar... FULL STORY »

‘Lost girl’ returns to ...

‘Lost girl’ returns to South Sudan to find hundreds slaughtered

CBCNEWS – Rebecca Deng, who fled to Winnipeg in 2005, back in South Sudan to start women’s centre A South Sudanese woman who fled to Winnipeg a decade ago says she’s in shock after returning home to find hundreds of people slaughtered. “I thought my country would be in peace. I... FULL STORY »

Salva Kiir Orders His Force to Purs...

Salva Kiir Orders His Force to Pursue Dr. Machar in their Hideout

JUBA – A reliable source from within the military ranks of South Sudan Government has secretly informed the Upper Nile Times about a recently executed plan by President Kiir Ordering his Gen. Chief of Staff, Paul Malong Awan to pursue Dr. Riek Machar’s force in their hideout. Despite the... FULL STORY »

A Peace Mission to Juba turned Hell

A Peace Mission to Juba turned Hell

JUBA – Tongyik, a member of Advance Team sent to Juba for Peace Implementation Process testified that “the parties to the peace negotiation have truly failed us.  We sacrificed our lives in acceptance of peace with a trust that a protection will be in place.  I was among the unarmed... FULL STORY »

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Juba, the Capital of South Sudan is under Eminence Threat of Atta...

JUBA – As violence rocked the town of Nimule, on Monday, a source close to Gen. Martin Kenyi has contacted our agent that Juba City is under a series threat of attack on the celebration day. ... FULL STORY »

Governor Nyandeng survives assassination scare at ...

JUBA – The governor of Warrap State Hon. Nyandeng Malek Deliech narrowly escaped an “assassination on her life” yesterday at a... FULL STORY »

South Sudan children raped, castrated and thrown into f...

NEW YORK – Warring forces in South Sudan have carried out horrific crimes against children, including castration, rape and tying them together before... FULL STORY »

Juba Government Force Attacked the Position of SPLM-IO ...

PAGAK – A reliable source disclosed it to the Upper Nile Times today that the government forces have attacked the position of SPLM-IO in Mangok as the... FULL STORY »

Professor Wani Tombe passes on

ADDIS ABABA – Professor Wani Tombe, the chairman of Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR) and a lead member of the SPLM in Opposition was found dead in... FULL STORY »

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Talks collapse in Addis again over rebels demand for IDPs civil s...

Addis Ababa – The peace talks between the government of south sudan and rebels of former vice president of the country, Dr Riek Machar have this morning collapsed over what the rebels called... FULL STORY »

Looming reshuffle to leave speaker, Magok Rundial ...

JUBA – A highly anticipated routine reshuffle in the government of South Sudan is expected to leave a number of senior civil servants jobless... FULL STORY »

Upper Nile University appeal for $15 million in reconst...

JUBA – The vice chancellor of #upper nile university in Malakal has appealed for renovation of it institution will cost $15-20 million. Malakal town... FULL STORY »

Children Call For Peace

JUBA – Marking the Day of the African Child, children in South Sudan urged their leaders to find a peaceful solution to the conflict that has plagued... FULL STORY »

Ethiopian Prime Minister threatens to use serious actio...

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalegn has on Tuesday declared that IGAD countries will not stand idly while hideous crimes are... FULL STORY »

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Malong offered 15 bulls to SPLMIO forces in Juba

JUBA – SPLA’s General Chief of Staff, Paul Malong Awan has offered 15 bulls to the SPLMIO forces cantoned around Juba “as a gesture of peace and comradeship.” Malong, announced the... FULL STORY »

16 SPLMIO media team arrested and severely tortured by National Security Services

JUBA – South Sudan’s national security (NSS) and militias allied to the government have today arrested about 16 media teams belonging to the SPLM in Opposition in a move that put a huge... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Army Chief of Staff is Militarizing Juba

JUBA – In a move that left many to speculate about the future of peace agreement, the Upper Nile Times has received concrete information that militarization of Juba has taken place... FULL STORY »

Civilians flee to bush as government forces plan a major offensive on IO forces around Wau

JUBA – Civilians in the surroundings of the Western Bhar El Ghazal state city of Wau have flocked to the bushes in thousands in anticipation of a major offensive planned by the government... FULL STORY »

LEAKED: List of 45 Jieng (JCE) elders that masterminded the South...

Juba – Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders or JCE are a group of elders originating from Dinka ethnic group. The group was formed in 2013, according to its Chairman Ambrose Riiny to counter “the... FULL STORY »

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