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Didinga & Buya Community in No...

Didinga & Buya Community in North America Condemned the Barbaric killi...

BUDI COUNTY – The killing that took place in five towns namely: Ngatuba, Bohorora, Chareet, Locioto and Ngauro villages shocked the entire community of Didinga and Buya across the United Stated and Canada. According to the letter extended to the Upper Nile Times by the two main community... FULL STORY »

Hon. Gatwech Peter Kulang Cautioned...

Hon. Gatwech Peter Kulang Cautioned High Registration Cost for Domestic and...

JUBA – A strong worded letter extended to the Upper Nile Times cautioned the RRC not to charge the National and International Organizations operating in the Republic of South Sudan with high price.  Mr. Kulang, Executive Director of Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) in his letter... FULL STORY »

IDPs: We will leave POC voluntarily

IDPs: We will leave POC voluntarily

JUBA – South Sudan’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at a POC site in Juba have said the attempt by the government to “force them out” of the camp is not acceptable and will only leave when they feel safe enough. Last week, the first cabinet meeting of the Transitional Government of... FULL STORY »

Malong offered 15 bulls to SPLMIO f...

Malong offered 15 bulls to SPLMIO forces in Juba

JUBA – SPLA’s General Chief of Staff, Paul Malong Awan has offered 15 bulls to the SPLMIO forces cantoned around Juba “as a gesture of peace and comradeship.” Malong, announced the offer to the leaders of the advance team of the SPLMIO yesterday in what appeared to be an attempt to smooth... FULL STORY »

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SPLM-IO Strongly Condemned the Illegal Swearing in of President S...

NAIROBI – According to the strongly worded press release issued on July 8, 2015, by the movement’s Chairperson for National Committee for Information and Public Relations, Mr. Mabior Garang... FULL STORY »

Juba, the Capital of South Sudan is under Eminence...

JUBA – As violence rocked the town of Nimule, on Monday, a source close to Gen. Martin Kenyi has contacted our agent that Juba City is under a... FULL STORY »

Governor Nyandeng survives assassination scare at Home ...

JUBA – The governor of Warrap State Hon. Nyandeng Malek Deliech narrowly escaped an “assassination on her life” yesterday at a function in... FULL STORY »

South Sudan children raped, castrated and thrown into f...

NEW YORK – Warring forces in South Sudan have carried out horrific crimes against children, including castration, rape and tying them together before... FULL STORY »

Juba Government Force Attacked the Position of SPLM-IO ...

PAGAK – A reliable source disclosed it to the Upper Nile Times today that the government forces have attacked the position of SPLM-IO in Mangok as the... FULL STORY »

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IGAD leaders ask for intervention of UN Security Council to end t...

ADDIS ABABA – The IGAD heads of states and governments who convened today in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa have asked for the intervention of UN security council to end the crisis and... FULL STORY »

Peace talks to resume on Tuesday as Salva Kiir ref...

ADDIS ABABA – The anticipated resumption of peace talks in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa hits a huge bump as government negotiating team... FULL STORY »

Bentiu Captured by Rebels

BENTIU – The rebels allied to the former Vice President, Dr Riek Machar Teny have claimed capture of Bentiu town this evening from the government... FULL STORY »

Tribal conflict spiral to Kakuma camp as one person fea...

KENYA – Nuer and Dinka South Sudanese refugees in Kakuma camp, Kenya fought last night after a Dinka man, believed to be in his 20s raped and abandoned a... FULL STORY »

Salva Kiir agreed to share power with Riek Machar ̵...

NAIROBI – IGAD leaders from Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia who convened a one day summit in Juba on the 22nd of October said that Salva Kiir agreed to share... FULL STORY »

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Decni̱ Kumɛ Jubɛ ci̱ kɛ Dec IO Pen Wë kä Adok Bar

PAGAK – Kɛ gööriɛn kɛ höö bi̱ kɛ dec IO yɔ̱at mac, decni̱ Thälpä Kiir ci̱kɛ ca̱p cäp i̱ ca kɛ göl rɛy Bentiu.  Dickthon Gatluak Jɔak, ram ɛn kuär laatni̱... FULL STORY »

Thousands of SPLM-IO Supporters Stage Huge Rally Welcoming Advance Team in Pagak, IO HQ

PAGAK – Tens of thousands of SPLM – IO supporters in Pagak gave General Taban Deng Gai and his team a rock-star reception, cheering and dancing as the team were landing in... FULL STORY »

Kiir angered by Taban and Deng Alor’s absent at SPLM party registration

JUBA – General Salva Kiir, the chairman of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the commander in Chief of Juba allied forces has lashed out at SPLMIO Chief Negotiator,... FULL STORY »

Kiir must revoke the 28 States decree or peace agreement must be scrapped – SPLMIO s...

Malakal – Members of the armed South Sudan opposition have called on South Sudan Opposition leader to force Kiir to reverse the decree calling for establishment of 28 states in South... FULL STORY »

President Kiir Announced 28 States Governors

JUBA – Source in Juba disclosed to The Upper Nile Times that President Kiir announced 28 States Governors.  The move comes at which time both the government and the opposition in Pagak are... FULL STORY »

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