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A Peace Mission to Juba turned Hell

A Peace Mission to Juba turned Hell

JUBA – Tongyik, a member of Advance Team sent to Juba for Peace Implementation Process testified that “the parties to the peace negotiation have truly failed us.  We sacrificed our lives in acceptance of peace with a trust that a protection will be in place.  I was among the unarmed... FULL STORY »

General Bol Koang Nguth, General Ch...

General Bol Koang Nguth, General Charles Lam, and Taban Juc still in UNMIS

JUBA – three generals whom were reported to have defected to SPLM – IO are confirmed to have taken refuge in UNMIS Camp. The move, according to our source, was prompted by a series of threat against the three generals known to have been staunch supporters of President Kiir.  Thomas whose full... FULL STORY »

Fighting Resumes in Juba as Governm...

Fighting Resumes in Juba as Government Forces Attacks Opposition Base in Je...

JUBA – A reliable source disclosed to the Upper Nile Times this morning that the government forces have attacked the base of Dr. Riek Machar once again. This news came in at which time both the Government under Salva Kiir and In opposition faction under Dr. Machar have engaged in a deadly... FULL STORY »

Kiir meets Machar as Juba continues...

Kiir meets Machar as Juba continues to be in high tension. Another shooting...

JUBA – South Sudan’s President, Gen Salva Kiir is locked in a closed door meeting with his First Vice President, Dr Riek Machar to quel the tension in Juba as rival forces between the two leaders continue to contront each others at check points. The meeting was also attended by the... FULL STORY »

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SPLA and UPDF in a huge stand off near Nimule after local residen...

NIMULE – Fighting almost broke out this morning as South Sudan Army and locals in the area accused Uganda of constructing more than 7 km deep inside South Sudan. The stand off was prompted when... FULL STORY »

Two Ugandan helicopter gunships again bombarded ou...

PRESS STATEMENT This afternoon at 12:00PM, two Ugandan helicopter gunships used by the government of South Sudan continuing aerial bombardment at our... FULL STORY »

IGAD should consider axing Museveni from the peace summ...

ADDIS ABABA – As counter-accusation and criticism continue to flare up between South Sudan rebels and Museveni, the SPLM-i-O has intensified the pressure... FULL STORY »


TORIT – A group calling itself Nyikothowa literally translated as White Army in one of Equatoria Languages has warned Juba Government to respect this... FULL STORY »

ATENY WEK: Former detainees should not be given their o...

JUBA – Salva Kiir’s presidential Press Secretary, Ateny Wek Ateny has lashed out on IGAD mediators for giving a percentage share in the proposed... FULL STORY »

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SPLM conference in Pagak kicks off on high note

JUBA – The highly anticipated opposition conference taking place in the South Sudan border town of Pagak kicked off in a blistering fashion as delegates from all the rebels held areas convened... FULL STORY »

Opposition conference in Pagak to officialy kickst...

PAGAK – The highly anticipated meeting of the SPLM In Opposition, a rebel group allied to the former vice president Dr Riek Machar is set to... FULL STORY »

2015 South Sudan elections don’t have to be free ...

JUBA – The Chairperson of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Professor Abednego Akok Kacuol has said that for South Sudan government and... FULL STORY »

‘Sudanese’ planes seen hovering over Nasir,...

NASIR – Three fighter jets believed to be belonging to the neighbouring Sudan were seen hovering over the Upper Nile State town of Nasir causing fear... FULL STORY »

South Sudan state media mocks IGAD peace summit

JUBA – The government news agencies have begun to question the effectiveness of the recently agreed principles to form a unity government between the... FULL STORY »

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IDPs: We will leave POC voluntarily

JUBA – South Sudan’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at a POC site in Juba have said the attempt by the government to “force them out” of the camp is not acceptable and will... FULL STORY »

Malong offered 15 bulls to SPLMIO forces in Juba

JUBA – SPLA’s General Chief of Staff, Paul Malong Awan has offered 15 bulls to the SPLMIO forces cantoned around Juba “as a gesture of peace and comradeship.” Malong, announced the... FULL STORY »

16 SPLMIO media team arrested and severely tortured by National Security Services

JUBA – South Sudan’s national security (NSS) and militias allied to the government have today arrested about 16 media teams belonging to the SPLM in Opposition in a move that put a huge... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Army Chief of Staff is Militarizing Juba

JUBA – In a move that left many to speculate about the future of peace agreement, the Upper Nile Times has received concrete information that militarization of Juba has taken place... FULL STORY »

Civilians flee to bush as government forces plan a major offensiv...

JUBA – Civilians in the surroundings of the Western Bhar El Ghazal state city of Wau have flocked to the bushes in thousands in anticipation of a major offensive planned by the government forces on... FULL STORY »

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