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Leaked Report: Brigdier General Lul...

Leaked Report: Brigdier General Lul Rue Kong, “I was Put to this Posi...

ADDIS ABABA – In a leaked report, Brigadier General Lul Rue Kong, a defected officer from the SPLM-IO on February 19, 2015, has allegedly testified in a conversation he has had recently with one of his closest friends whom he trusted that “he was appointed as the spokesman for the Sudan... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Independence Day a Day ...

South Sudan Independence Day a Day of Protest in Various Canadian Cities

CALGARY – The Community leaders of the South Sudanese Communities have contacted our correspondence about the pending protest taking place this Saturday as a way to make international awareness about the lack of peace implementation and the ongoing killing of the innocent civilians across... FULL STORY »

Luo Community of Western Bahr el Ga...

Luo Community of Western Bahr el Gazal in Canada Condemns the South Sudan G...

OTTAWA – In a press document extended to the Upper Nile Times, the Luo community of Western Bahr el Gazal in Canada is shocked by the recent indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians in Wau town that took place last two weeks ago resulting into the death of thousands of people. According... FULL STORY »

The SPLA Army Chief, General Paul M...

The SPLA Army Chief, General Paul Malong is Responsible for Detaining Gover...

JUBA – In a strongly worded letter, dated June 25, 2016, which was extended to the Upper Nile Times a day after the deadly clash that was believed to have claimed more than 4,000 people is now confirmed to have originated from Gen. Paul Malong Awan. The putting behind bar of Governor Elias... FULL STORY »

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TORIT – A group calling itself Nyikothowa literally translated as White Army in one of Equatoria Languages has warned Juba Government to respect this final round of peace talk for the greater... FULL STORY »

ATENY WEK: Former detainees should not be given th...

JUBA – Salva Kiir’s presidential Press Secretary, Ateny Wek Ateny has lashed out on IGAD mediators for giving a percentage share in the... FULL STORY »

Machar: Gen Gatdet and Gen Garhoth will be redeployed e...

PAGAK – The chairman of the SPLM in Opposition, Dr Riek Machar has told the Upper Nile Times that two of his Generals he dismissed yesterday will be... FULL STORY »

Cholera Outbreak Kills 33 People in Juba

JUBA – A serious cholera outbreak rapidly increasing in South Sudan’s capital, Juba, as the cost of clean water skyrockets amid a worsening economic crisis... FULL STORY »

SPLM-IO Strongly Condemned the Illegal Swearing in of P...

NAIROBI – According to the strongly worded press release issued on July 8, 2015, by the movement’s Chairperson for National Committee for Information... FULL STORY »

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‘Sudanese’ planes seen hovering over Nasir, causing p...

NASIR – Three fighter jets believed to be belonging to the neighbouring Sudan were seen hovering over the Upper Nile State town of Nasir causing fear among the residents on Thursday... FULL STORY »

South Sudan state media mocks IGAD peace summit

JUBA – The government news agencies have begun to question the effectiveness of the recently agreed principles to form a unity government... FULL STORY »

IGAD leaders ask for intervention of UN Security Counci...

ADDIS ABABA – The IGAD heads of states and governments who convened today in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa have asked for the intervention of UN... FULL STORY »

Peace talks to resume on Tuesday as Salva Kiir refused ...

ADDIS ABABA – The anticipated resumption of peace talks in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa hits a huge bump as government negotiating team in Juba... FULL STORY »

Bentiu Captured by Rebels

BENTIU – The rebels allied to the former Vice President, Dr Riek Machar Teny have claimed capture of Bentiu town this evening from the government... FULL STORY »

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Civilians flee to bush as government forces plan a major offensive on IO forces around Wau

JUBA – Civilians in the surroundings of the Western Bhar El Ghazal state city of Wau have flocked to the bushes in thousands in anticipation of a major offensive planned by the government... FULL STORY »

LEAKED: List of 45 Jieng (JCE) elders that masterminded the South Sudan Crisis

Juba – Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders or JCE are a group of elders originating from Dinka ethnic group. The group was formed in 2013, according to its Chairman Ambrose Riiny to... FULL STORY »

South Sudan Humanitarian Bulletin Issue 4 | 28 March 2016

Following clashes in the south of Mundri West County in mid-February 2016, humanitarian partners managed to deliver food in Bari on 27 February and an inter-agency humanitarian team... FULL STORY »

Dhieu Mathok accused Malong and Kiir of conspiring to deny his late uncle a traditional bu...

JUBA – SPLMIO secretary General Dr Dhieu Mathok Wol harshly criticised the intention of both General Malong and Salva Kiir who (according to him) are forcefully trying to burry his... FULL STORY »

6 killed as IDPs in Malakal aided by government forces fought amo...

MALAKAL – UN reports at PoCs in Malakal, Upper Nile State have disclosed to the Upper Nile Times that sporadic clashes have been happening since yesterday between IDPs.  The report has it... FULL STORY »

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