Wednesday December 13, 2017

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General Taban Deng Gai Fired from S...

General Taban Deng Gai Fired from SPLM-IO

JUBA – A reliable source has told the Upper Nile Times that General Taban Deng Gai, who is a Mining Minister and as well the Chief Negotiator for the SPLM-IO, has been fired from the movement. This move emerged after discovering that General Taban has been having link with Salva Kiir Mayar... FULL STORY »

Salva Kiir Orders His Force to Purs...

Salva Kiir Orders His Force to Pursue Dr. Machar in their Hideout

JUBA – A reliable source from within the military ranks of South Sudan Government has secretly informed the Upper Nile Times about a recently executed plan by President Kiir Ordering his Gen. Chief of Staff, Paul Malong Awan to pursue Dr. Riek Machar’s force in their hideout. Despite the... FULL STORY »

Fighting Resumes in Juba as Governm...

Fighting Resumes in Juba as Government Forces Attacks Opposition Base in Je...

JUBA – A reliable source disclosed to the Upper Nile Times this morning that the government forces have attacked the base of Dr. Riek Machar once again. This news came in at which time both the Government under Salva Kiir and In opposition faction under Dr. Machar have engaged in a deadly... FULL STORY »

Leaked Report: Brigdier General Lul...

Leaked Report: Brigdier General Lul Rue Kong, “I was Put to this Posi...

ADDIS ABABA – In a leaked report, Brigadier General Lul Rue Kong, a defected officer from the SPLM-IO on February 19, 2015, has allegedly testified in a conversation he has had recently with one of his closest friends whom he trusted that “he was appointed as the spokesman for the Sudan... FULL STORY »

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Government Forces Plan to Attack SPLM-IO Cantonment Sites

PAGAK – According to Dickson Gatluak Jock Nyuot, Deputy military Spokesperson for SPLM-IO has stated that “government forces are planning to attack the SPLM-IO forces’ cantonment... FULL STORY »

Decni̱ Kumɛ Jubɛ ci̱ kɛ Dec IO Pen Wë kä Adok Bar

PAGAK – Kɛ gööriɛn kɛ höö bi̱ kɛ dec IO yɔ̱at mac, decni̱ Thälpä Kiir ci̱kɛ ca̱p cäp i̱ ca kɛ göl rɛy Bentiu.  Dickthon Gatluak Jɔak, ram ɛn kuär laatni̱... FULL STORY »

Kiir must revoke the 28 States decree or peace agreement must be scrapped – SPLMIO s...

Malakal – Members of the armed South Sudan opposition have called on South Sudan Opposition leader to force Kiir to reverse the decree calling for establishment of 28 states in South... FULL STORY »

President Kiir Announced 28 States Governors

JUBA – Source in Juba disclosed to The Upper Nile Times that President Kiir announced 28 States Governors.  The move comes at which time both the government and the opposition in... FULL STORY »

General Taban Deng Gai meets President Kiir at State House

JUBA – The chief negotiator and the leader of the SPLM-IO advance team has met with president kiir at the state house today. According to SSTV, the chief negotiator accompanied by senior... FULL STORY »

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